Playa Conchas Chinas, Play Punta Negra and Playa Garza Blanca Buying Beach Front II

Buying a Beachfront Property in Puerto Vallarta

Part 2: Playa Conchas Chinas, Play Punta Negra and Playa Garza Blanca

December 9, 2013

By Miguel Fernandez


Here’s part two of our series on ownership of beachfront properties around the Bay of Banderas. This week we focus on the South Shore of Puerto Vallarta.

Playa Conchas Chinas

Just south of town is the gorgeous hillside above the bay known as Conchas Chinas. The beaches here are rocky and very scenicwith beautiful tide pools, and a variety of currents. Much of the actual coastline is populated with hotels and resorts, but there are a plethora villas, and condos, as well.

The views here are unbeatable! Much more quiet, and tranquil than being in town, with some pretty restaurants, such as the ever popular Lindo Mar Resort, which is always packed for their massive Sunday buffet brunch.

The highway is busy, so owning a property next to it can be loud. A property up the hill, or facing the ocean will be much quieter.

Investing here can be pricey, as many of the properties are more luxury oriented. Also, expect to do a fair amount of hiking up and down hills and stairs. You will probably also want a car, if you live in Conchas Chinas, as there are very few local services.

If you plan on renting your property, expect a decent amount of interest, since many people know and love the area.

Playa Punta Negra

A personal favorite—the swimming here is excellent—with a nice cove making the tides less forceful than some of the other Bay of Banderas beaches.

There are some very beautiful condos available in Punta Negra. With superb views, parking, and a great feeling of getting away from it all. You’re farther out of town, though, so car ownership is pretty much a necessity. That, or you can rely on the local bus and taxis, as there are no services at all in this area.

An investment here is great, since it’s still close to town, but the vacation rental market is a little sluggish, seeing that transportation is an issue.

Playa Garza Blanca

Pretty white sand beaches, and a luxurious residential club with full ownership and fractional ownership options. This is an exquisite resort, which is very private and highly secure, for owners and travelers who want to enjoy a feeling of safety.  The area is also surrounded by vast jungles, with great hiking, for taking a break from the beach. Five star dining, impeccable service, and all the amenities you can imagine, which means you never need to leave the resort area. Though, you are still only about 15 minutes from Puerto Vallarta.

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