Winners of the Jalisco 2020 Award in eight areas

Exemplary Jaliscienses will receive an economic stimulus and a medal for raising the name of the state with their work in culture, civics, humanism, labor, literature, science, sports and the environment
The Jalisco 2020 Prize already has winners in the Humanistic, Labor, Literary, Cultural, Civic, Scientific, Sports and Environmental spheres, an award that the State Government gives to personalities who transcend and are role models by improving their environment and putting up the name of the entity.
This October 27, 2020, the names of the winners were published in the Official Newspaper El Estado de Jalisco, who will be awarded an economic stimulus and a medal.
The list was as follows:
In the Humanistic field, the award goes to Rubén Anguiano Estrella, founder and director of the “Los Alamitos” Equine Health Center, who since 1980 has provided educational and academic support to the teaching of medicine, surgery and equine reproduction at the University of Guadalajara (UdeG) and other higher education institutions.
In Literature, this year the recognition goes to Raúl Aceves Lozano, who since the 1980s has been a member of the Assembly of Young Poets of Mexico and who has participated since then in INBA Young Poetry anthologies and yearbooks. He is an academic at UdeG, a day laborer poet and an expert on topics such as contemporary Korean poetry, Wixárica culture, among others.
In the Cultural field, Isaac Hernández Fernández is the recipient of the Jalisco 2020 Prize, a dancer who in 2004 was named Pride of Mexico by the National Council for Culture and the Arts. At the age of 15, he stood on the podium of the winners of Moscow and at the age of 16 he won the gold medal at the International Ballet Competition. As a principal dancer he has stepped on the floor of the Paris Opera, the Mariinsky Theater and the Vienna Opera.
Alan López Ramírez and Andrés Gómez Flores are recognized in the civic sphere, for risking their lives by helping to rescue people during the tropical storm “Hernán” in Cihuatlán, Jalisco. These young fishermen collaborated with State Civil Protection authorities to save the lives of just over 20 people.
In the Labor field, María Isabel Lazo Corvera, founder and director of Pastelerías Marisa, is recognized in this edition of the Award. Since she founded this business in 1992, Marisa has opened nearly 900 work spaces. Its business philosophy is to conceive of its workers as collaborators, which is why it supports them in different aspects to improve their lives and that of their families.
José Francisco Muñoz Valle is the owner of recognition in the Scientific environment for his work as a researcher, which on many occasions has been recognized for issues such as autoimmunity and genetic immunity, at the University of Guadalajara. With the arrival of COVID-19, Muñoz Valle is the one who has led the work of the health room in the face of this pandemic in civil hospitals.
In Sports, Nuria Diosdado García receives the award. She has an exemplary track record in swimming. It is considered one of the 10 best in the world, since since the age of 11 it has been part of national teams in this field and is now preparing to represent the country in the 2021 Olympic Games.
In the environmental field, Tania Vázquez Mendoza wins the award for being a founding member of “Salvemos al Bosque”, the group that she has presided over for 9 years.
Tania was a strategist for the Cerro del Tajo decree, issued in 2018, which protected many hectares in the La Primavera area from urbanization.
The winners in these 8 areas in the coming days will be awarded by the state authorities.
To know more:
The Government Secretariat of Jalisco, through the Consultative Council for the Granting of Awards, delivers the Jalisco Award, which seeks to make visible figures of success who have marked the past, the present and who will be of great importance in the future development of the state .
The Award recognizes and encourages people who have distinguished themselves in an outstanding degree, in a relevant way for their acts, works, projects or for an exemplary career in favor of the state, the country or humanity.
The winners of this edition will be part of a group that includes Juan Rulfo, Luis Barragán, Consuelo Velázquez, Juan José Arreola, Agustín Yáñez, Raúl Anguiano, Leonor Montijo and Jorge Matute Remus. All of them exemplary in their profession and ambassadors of our state worldwide.
Since 1950, the Jalisco Prize has awarded around 250 recognitions.