Wind harvest continues

Spanish power company Iberdrola has begun construction of the 66 megawatts (MW) Pier II wind farm in Esperanza, Puebla, Mexico.
Located in one of the windiest regions in the country, the wind farm will feature 33 turbines to generate enough renewable energy for about 25,000 households and help reduce around 55,000t of CO2 emissions a year.
Iberdrola estimates to spend 120 million usd on the project. The Pier II farm is expected to create 400 local jobs during the construction and the subsequent operation and maintenance work.
Mexican company Impulsora Latinoamericana de Energías (Iler) is supporting Iberdrola in building the Pier II project, which will be constructed at an altitude of 2,500 meters. Iberdrola and Iler have also signed an agreement to jointly build up to 366MW of projects in the future.
Once the Pier II project is commissioned, Iberdrola will manage a wind power capacity of about 600MW in Mexico. Iberdrola already has an installed wind power capacity of 230MW spread across three wind farms in Oaxaca.

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  1. I am quite familiar with the construction and operation of wind farms as I was a PG&E Co. Utility engineer in California, who was involved in the retrofitting of a NASA 2,000 KW wind turbine back in the 1980s. The multi-million dollar wind turbine was soon blown up because it was situated on top of a small mountain, and was uneconomical, as it required so much maintenance … such as does a helicopter, and can be quite noisy..

    Wind farms located in migratory bird paths will kill many birds. In California they also kill the protected eagles. The slaughter of so many birds will attract all kinds of rodents and feral cats..

    Another killer of birds are cats and which also can become an ecological disaster. With the increasing number of cats cared for by the an rapidly expanding population, many bird species are rapidly disappearing.

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