The Wild Side: Swim with Dolphins in their Natural Habitat

Dolphins that live in the wild are some of the most enchanting and lovable animals in the world, known for their friendly nature and curiosity around humans.  When they are allowed to live in their natural environment, they are free to exist as they always have, making for happier, healthier animals than those that are subjected to a life of confinement for the entertainment of aquarium visitors.  Fortunately, you can have an even more rewarding and personal experience with wild dolphins in Puerto Vallarta with Wildlife Connection.  Jump in the water and get to know the local wild dolphins on a far more personal level!

Swim with dolphins in the wild

Young woman swiming in the beautiful water on Mauritius island with dolphins

Research began in Banderas Bay back in 1998, and thanks to their continued efforts, this talented team guarantees that they will guide you to dolphins on every single tour, during which you will get to know a Bottlenose dolphin pod that spends the entire year in the region’s waters.  The incredible staff at WIldlife Connection includes a professional wildlife photographer who contributes to Animal Planet and National Geographic, science journalists, and biologists with Master’s Degrees in Marine Ecology.  The researcher’s close ties with these brilliant creatures makes an interaction with them something you will never forget.  Your interaction with the dolphins isn’t only a thrilling experience; you will personally be contributing to their ongoing research which allows the biologists to better understand and advocate for these amazing and highly intelligent animals in Puerto Vallarta.

What to Expect of Wild Dolphin Tours

In order to approach the dolphins in a calm and inviting manner, each tour takes place on a small shaded boat with a very limited number of participants (between 12 and 14), which makes for a highly individualized tour.  You will be able to hear the magical sounds of the dolphins communicating with each other with the help of a hydrophone on board the boat.  Every tour is different and although swimming with the dolphins depends on several components such as how large the group is, how old they are and what their temperament is that day, you will certainly interact with them whether you are in the water or not.  Oftentimes, young dolphins will steal the spotlight due to their especially curious and friendly behavior.   Even though the Bottlenose dolphin pod is the focus of the tour, other sea creatures are often seen as well including sea turtles, giant mantas and other dolphin species, while the months from December to March feature Humpback whales, Orcas and False Orcas on occasion.

Tours last around 3½ hours each and can be experienced throughout the year.  Your bilingual guide will share a wealth of knowledge during this fun and educational tour.  Every tour includes a light breakfast, snacks, bottled water and soft drinks, and lunch is also included on tours between December and March.  This tour invites all ages to participate, and individuals with disabilities are more than welcome.  The entire family will treasure the memories of this remarkable experience for years to come!



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