beach-sea-holiday-waves Puerto Vallarta

Why Puerto Vallarta is Becoming Known as a Gaming Hub

Puerto Vallarta is known for many things, with its crystal-clear waters, glorious weather and excellent food all part of what make it such a relaxing and entertaining place to visit.

However, there is another side to this seaside town that has been growing in prominence in recent years, and it involves all different varieties of gaming.

Below we take a look at the different ways in which Puerto Vallarta is connecting itself to the rest of the online gaming world and reaping the rewards in the process.

beach-sea-holiday-waves Puerto Vallarta

There are few places in the world that allow you to chill on the beach all day before gaming your heart out late into the night

Puerto Vallarta Locals Create Their Own Video Games

One of the feel-good stories of recent times in Puerto Vallarta is about how some plucky locals managed to develop their very own ecologically minded video game called AXOL, having crowdfunded the project via Kickstarter.

Although the game is still under construction, its founder Narcisco Alejo hopes that it will one day be available on platforms like PlayStation as well as in mobile app stores for iOS and Android.

The concept of the game is to put the gamer in the skin of an endangered ajolote, which is an animal native to Puerto Vallarta. Not only does the game promise to be highly entertaining, but it will also highlight the plight of the ajolote as well as featuring soothing local music.

The trailer from Alejo’s game development outfit, Ra6tZ studio, can be viewed below. Watch out for the game’s much anticipated release!


Tourists Treated to Multiple Gaming Establishments

Because the gaming industry is not about to take over in Puerto Vallarta just yet, one of the town’s main income streams will continue to be tourism.

One of the biggest draws for any tourist visiting the area is the fact that it is packed with countless numbers of top-notch gaming establishments, all boasting classic game offerings as well as the latest new-fangled games.

Such gaming houses are now made all the more accessible to locals and tourists alike because their basic rules and etiquette can easily be found online. These online operators put in layman’s terms precisely the ways in which a roulette wheel should be approached, as well as providing separate resources catering to other classic games such as blackjack and slots.

Once the rules of such games are clear to people and they are ready to play, some of the most enjoyable gaming houses in Puerto Vallarta for them to frequent include Casino Central, Emotion Casino, and Casino Life. With people using online resources to improve their classic game skills all the time, there is no doubt that such gaming hubs will continue to thrive in the years to come.

First Pro Esports Team Puts Puerto Vallarta on the Map

With classic games, video games, and mobile games all finding their way in Puerto Vallarta, the last piece of the puzzle is Esports, a craze that has quickly become one of the most widely watched forms of entertainment in the world.

Not wishing to be left out, Puerto Vallarta Esports players decided to launch their very own Esports team, called Elite Mx, which is led by their captain Alfredo Langarica.

The team specialize in two video games: Rainbow Six Siege and League of Legends, and will be hoping to make the Esports world sit up and take notice in the coming months.


The Esports revolution has well and truly arrived in Puerto Vallarta

Its Very Own Comic Con

Last, but by no means least, there is the fact that Puerto Vallarta is becoming well known in Mexico for hosting a fantastic Comic Con, with the event being a huge success in both 2019 and 2020.

Visitors all get dressed up as their favorite gaming avatars and comic book superheroes, with the festivities often spilling over into the wider town. This adds to the feeling that Puerto Vallarta is keeping with the times and becoming a place that is welcoming to gamers, no matter the type of game it is that they enjoy indulging in.