Why not start a winter lawn bowling and croquet club in beautiful Bucerias?

Across Canada and parts of the USA lawn bowlers and croquet players are searching for winter locations to continue their spring to summer to fall outdoor sport. Here in Bucerias and other Mexican communities, northern neighbours have adapted the Italian game of bocci to our spacious sandy beaches, played during the warm, sunny afternoons.

Lawn bowling and croquet originally were British games and both outdoor sports are easily adapted to the green grass soccer fields with white attire being optional.

As a Toronto lawn bowler and Bucerias beach bocci player that intends to take up croquet next spring at our Toronto club (www.LawrencePark.Club), it is my dream to explore here in beautiful Bucerias any green grass soccer fields (or smaller) to establish la awn bowling and croquet club. And it’s not just for the young at heart, many youth are now joining clubs around the world to enjoy these sports. It’s a great way to build camaraderie and strengthen friendships.

If you are interested in exploring a lawn bowling and croquet event here in Bucerias to be played in the morning or evening complimenting our Bucerias Bocci – on – the beach during the sunny afternoons then please contact us at:

Frank Gardiner