Who Can’t Get Satisfaction?

For anyone fortunate to be in Vallarta at this time of the year, there are still many things to do, and the recently completed Rolling Stones Tribute at the Roxy House by Vallarta’s own “Tequila Rush” is a perfect example.

The Tribute was scheduled to start at 11 pm, Mexican Musician Time (MMT). Realistically, we were looking at 11:30 pm start.

I hate to admit it but, “How do we stay awake until then?” was an issue. The days of starting to drink by mid-afternoon at the beach, in the sun, and then proceeding to a concert are long gone! Replaced by common sense, and the wisdom to know ones limit, but not the desire to have fun, and think like a twenty / thirty year old.

Talk about satisfaction! What better way to pass the time before the Stones Tribute than listening to our favorite Vallarta Blues/Rock band, “Soul Trip” who perform every Saturday at 8:30 pm MMT, at Kelly’s Pour Favor.

We left for the Roxy and navigated the trip in about two minutes, as we headed to catch our favorite Vallarta Classic Rock / Tribute band, “Tequila Rush” honoring one of rock’s all-time greatest bands.

What a challenge to attempt a tribute to a Rock Legend. Many bands can play two or three Stones songs, but to attempt to entertain a crowd for a whole evening requires balls. The “boys” leave no stone unturned in their quest for perfection. They had guest musicians accompany them on many songs, Martin Montenegro on Sax, and Miguel Rdz on keyboard provided to the mix that turned out to be “A Magical Musical Tour” for audience and staff. There was dancing in the aisles, tequila by the bottle being shared, and a whole lotta shakin’ going on, by both staff and patrons.

From speaking with the band for weeks before the concert, there was a whole lotta practicing going on as well. At “Practice time”, you were expected to know the songs and your role, practice was not to learn, but to mesh and blend the music into a concert worthy performance.

Then there is the Roxy Rock House, in all its glory, overhead fans circulating the smoke, the lights dim, and the dance floor packed with tables. An actual raised stage with lights and a great sound system complements the experience.

It was crowded when we arrived and we were escorted to a table for two, up front, right beside the stage. The table actually touched the stage! We were right beside the stairs the musicians on our side climbed to the stage. They stopped and slapped hands, hugged and provided kisses, (well, at least my wife received kisses). We love our Vallarta musicians, not just strangers passing in the night providing entertainment, but potential friends embarking on a path leading to fulfillment and an enjoyable life. The musicians must still learn, then practice, then perform, and then play “five more!” for the loud guy right up front.

Bravo to Tequila Rush; Steven Tenney, Carlos Urrea, Danny Hermosillo, and Irvin Edgardo Quintana Coronado, you are true professionals, excellent entertainers, and more importantly, we consider each and every one of you friends.

I was “satisfied” twice that night, well, actually three times, but I am not supposed to write about the third episode! It was a Stones tribute though, and we all know “You Cant’ Always Get What you Want”, so here goes. It was so loud and noisy, that I could just listen to the music; I didn’t have to respond to idle chatter, I learned to mime, “Can’t hear you” and everyone left me alone to enjoy the Rolling Stones. It was so satisfying.

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Bruce Howells
Bruce es un canadiense jubilado, que junto con su esposa Velma, tomó una "mulligan" en la vida y escapó del frío de Canadá y se instaló en Vallartazona. Cumpliendo un retirosueño de no conducir más, Bruce utilizará transportatio públicon para recorrer la bahía y contar sus historias aquí. Consejos e itinerarios bienvenidos. Correo electrónico: busbanderasbay