When the Sun Goes Down in Puerto Vallarta 

When the sun goes down in Puerto Vallarta it is time to wrap up the cocktail hour and head out for a wonderful meal and some great music.

Late May sees great dining opportunities with the special gourmet offerings from the many restaurants participating in the annual Restaurant Week which seems to expand every year and this year spans from May 15 to June 10 to give you a chance to sample these special chefs’ dishes at reasonable prices. A list of the restaurants and menus can be found at www.vallartatribune.com/countdown-to-restaurant-week/ Take advantage of this marvelous chance to get to know the places you have always wanted to try.

Summertime can be a challenge for entertainment as many of the acts you followed in the high season run off to their native soil for the hotter summer months. We still have plenty of choices however spotlighting many talented local artists. Since these are my favorites, I look forward to lots of great music in the months to come.

Venues like Cuates y Cuetes next to the pier in the Zona Romantica offer quality acts to keep those of us who brave the summer months as well as local visitors entertained. Flamenco/Gypsy jazz group Tatewari continues to fire up the evening on Wednesday nights at 9:00 and Moruno brings us more “jazz hot” on Sundays and Tuesdays.  Cuates y Cuetes also has great music at brunch/lunch time.  Esau Galvan Saltos plays Flamenco guitar on Saturdays, Nacho Flores (of Moruno) and friend Magali Uribe play  beautiful traditional pieces on guitar and violin Wednesday and Thursday, and on Friday I just caught a lively jazz set by Diego Mateos, Oscar Terrazas, both of Moruno, with invited guests.

Incanto on Insurgentes next to the River Cuale will be offering great vibes from its Piano Bar, Spanish vocalist Santiago Martin on Tuesday evenings (7:00) and Zoe Woods with Eduardo Leon on Saturdays at 5:00 in the Piano Bar and Cabaret shows by Gypsy Rumba 8:00 on Sunday evenings.

River Cafe right on the River Cuale is beefing up its music program, recently featuring renowned flamenco guitarists Lobo (Wolfgang Fink) and Esau Galvan Saltos playing exciting flamenco music. Catch Raul Simental and Oscar Terrazas on Friday nights.

Some of my fondest musical memories are of hot summer evenings near the pier in the Zona Romantica listening to creative Jazz under night skies only Van Gogh could imagine with lightening flashing over the sea and even a nice rain storm to cool us off!  In the golden light of the seaside cabaret, I with a glass of red wine, the musicians, oblivious of the storm, would pour their hearts out to us.

Don’t stay home…come out and enjoy the music!

By Christie Seeley, www.vallartasounds.com