What Makes Our Port So Magical?

Watching the new “Puerto Mágico” facilities near completion and reading about the call to the community to help select its color scheme led me to consider just what is so magical about our port in the first place.

It made me reminisce about my initiatory adventure here over ten years ago, a motorcycle journey from the deserts of Arizona that brought me to the closest thing to jungle I had yet experienced. Taking in Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay for the first time was captivating. After living for nearly ten years in the desert, the expansive spread of the bay leading out to the depths of the vast Pacific provided a much-needed dosage of “Vitamin Blue.” Adding immensely to my appreciation was the lush green sweep of forest-clad mountains surrounding this dreamscape. The natural splendor of our region was indeed a major factor that ultimately enticed me to move here.

Another big part of the magic was how much fun I had on my visit. I credit the wonderful, friendly people I met during that vacation for much of my enjoyment and thank them eternally for the memories we created together. Mexican culture is warm and welcoming in general, but to me, people of our region epitomize this and combine naturally amiable personalities with a carefree nature inspired by the joy of living in a coastal paradise.

The traditional architecture of much of Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area that I took in during that vacation provided yet another dimension of charm to appreciate. Clay tile roofs, cobblestone streets, and a host of other details provided the sense of an emerging city still strongly connected to its authentic roots.

As our city grows about us, we’re ever more challenged to guide development in a direction that respects, values, conserves, and encourages the region’s natural beauty, the richness, and generosity of its culture, and its history. As we continue adding to our infrastructure, innovating, and evolving, let’s be careful never to lose the magic of our port.