What is Your Gratitude Practice?


What is your daily practice of gratitude?  You might be saying right now, ‘Huh’, if so, I am very glad you showed up today, keep reading. In my humble opinion, gratitude is the bench marker for a great, brilliant, beautiful life. Without gratitude, you don’t have much.

I believe it is so important to have a deep appreciation for life. It humbles us; makes us see more than just ourselves.

Perhaps you think all of this is hogwash? Try this, drive around the block on a busy street where there is no parking – zip, zero, zilch!  Start asking the ‘Parking Gods’ to find you the right and perfect parking space. Visualize parking your car as if it was a done deal with great thanks. Watch and wait, before your very eyes a parking spot will open up for your vehicle to zip into with ease.

I appreciate that you might be a hard nut to crack.

Why not try stepping it up a notch to test my proven theory? Start thinking about someone that you have not connected with in awhile. Give heartfelt thanks for the gift of their friendship and all that they bring to your life. Sit back and wait, you will be shocked when the telephone rings or they drop you a note reaching out to reconnect with you.

It is so very true that what you put out into the universe comes back to you, double fold. When you continually give thanks for the beautiful miracles that happen in your life, more beautiful things will start flowing your way.   Relationships will deepen; opportunities will present themselves; invitations to fabulous events will be extended. I am telling you, life will become more vivid, you will feel more alive than you have felt before.

What will unfold for you is the addictive impulse to feel happy all the time. You will look for things to feed these cravings. The more gratitude you share throughout your daily day, the happier you will become.

Who would have thought that this simple trick could be such a game changer? What have you got to lose? Why not start today?

I urge you to practice it to where it becomes second nature; to the point you wake in the morning and give thanks to your cozy bed for such a good nights sleep!

Cheers to joining me on the ‘Happy Gratitude Train’, let’s all spread the word together.

Homework: Make a conscious effort to give thanks ten times a day to fast track your Happy Life.

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Rhonda Zarate
Happy Heart Lifestyle Coach
Rhonda Zarate is a Happy Heart Lifestyle Advisor. Her favorite thing to do is help people find their happiest hearts through Coaching. Vlogging, Boutique Real Estate & she authored a book Find Your Happy Planner.
Sharing her love for the happy path and her family makes her heart the happiest, being part of a Heart Tribe is one’s greatest JOY.