What I love about summer in Puerto Vallarta

By Barbara Peters

It´s 3 p.m. on September 8th and I just went out on my terrace to look at the view. The sky is robin’s egg blue with a few fluffy white clouds and there is a delightful breeze coming from the sea.
Although September is supposed to be the hottest month, the temperature is around 85 and there was little humidity.
I went for a walk down the street earlier to enjoy the flowers and tropical foliage and did not even work up a sweat.
Later in the afternoon some dark clouds will appear over the mountains, we will anticipate some rain later in the afternoon or in the middle of the night, and one of our daily spectacular sunsets.
Watching the sky here is an always changing scene of beauty from early morning pastels to clear blue to soft grays and blues and finally to the dramatic burst of reds , yellows and oranges of the sunset.
For those who have not experienced summers in Vallarta, don´t be discouraged by those who think it will be unbearably hot—there are many places in the world much hotter in summer and just as humid.
Personally I do not use air conditioning and keep my windows open to breathe in the fresh air from the nearby mountains.
Ceiling and standing fans are all you really need.
Another advantage here is you only need one type of wardrobe—cotton, casual and a light sweater for our “winter” or air conditioned places.
In summer the beaches and pools are not crowded, you don´t have to wait in line for your favourite restaurant and you can choose the coolest part of the day to exercise or walk your dog.
This is a perfect time to shop or dine at the hundreds of places listed on our VALLARTA SHOPPING DIRECTORY.
You will find unique items in clothing, accessories, gifts and handcrafts and every type of dining from gourmet to small local favourites.
Mornings are a perfect time to shop at the local produce markets where you will be delighted at the great array of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and meat native to our area at low prices.
Lots of places have sales and there are good travel packages, but be sure your stay is in the traditional Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco to enjoy the ambience of our paradise.
The first time I visited Puerto Vallarta 35 years ago was in summer. I fell in love with it then and still love it all year round.

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  1. Its 35 years for both of us during September in Puerto Vallarta. In the past years we used to get huge thunderstorms many evenings … I mean like all night … and often the lightning bolt would hit the lightning rod above our 10th floor apartment at our timeshare. Of course, often the power went out, but we always brought flashlights with us.

    My wife Loretta often would stay up much of the night watching the lightning flashes through the wall to wall sliding door windows on two sides of the living room. For some reason, there have been few of those all-nighters over the past seven years. But the rain … yes. With the rain comes full rivers and large volume waterfalls. And best of all, the pool and bay waters are warm for swimming all day and night except after a heavy rainfall.

    This year my arrival in PV will be later a week later on September 30, and my fingers are crossed for some sunny weather, like the past two years. But what the heck, it is advertised that there are 300 sunny days a year in Puerto Vallarta, same as it is in my foggy home in San Francisco.

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