What Does It Take to Be A Musician in Puerto Vallarta?

It takes talent, tons of dedication, a willingness to forego what other people consider essential, regular meals with family, time off, sleep. My friend Esaú dedicates his mornings, when not playing a gig, to studying. That consists of learning new pieces and techniques, composing, getting it all right. Time with his son is precious and at times difficult to arrange. Two, three, even four gigs a day may be necessary to give his family the sustenance they need.

Other musicians have such grueling travel schedules that at times they would find it difficult to tell you where exactly home is. Meaningful relationships—boyfriends, girlfriends and such—are difficult to start, let alone maintain, as they are constantly performing or on the move. Happy is the man or woman dedicated to music who can pull all of this together—fulfilling one’s passion, achieving financial stability and managing a rewarding relationship.

I guess you just have to play, stick to your vision, and the supportive people around you will follow suit. Hopefully, they love what you do and take something very positive from your involvement or are involved in music as well.

From a listener’s point of view, we are frequently concerned with the performance we are about to enjoy, without taking into account, endless hours devoted to rehearsals, recording and producing CDs, developing a unique identity that truly represents who each musician is. Then there are commutes to get safely from one gig to another on schedule, set up and soundchecks prior to every performance, backstage preparations, and after each performance, time to greet the audience.

I say thank you to all. Without your music, our lives would be hollow. Know that the passion that drives you to create and perform brings us to your shows wherever they may be, and enriches our lives in an indefinable way. Your music is like the sound of the sea, an essential element to our well being. Most of us no tocamos ni la puerta (literally, ‘can’t knock on the door in tune’) but we feel every nuance of your music. Thank you, musicians of Puerto Vallarta! We wish you and yours happiness and prosperity!