Wellness Latina

Today I’m supposed to write about the nutritional benefits of certain foods or how to balance your health with journaling or meditation or the coolest whatever in health and well-being that so many of us value and are integrating into our lives. However, I feel the need to purge, because the nausea and disappointment that I’ve felt from the result of the U.S. election doesn’t seem to go away. And to put a wellness spin on this, letting out your authentic emotions, which in this case is grief, however unpleasant, is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself when you feel jilted, hurt, and/or dehumanized.
I understand many were elated with the choice in the U.S. because you are tired of the status quo, the “swamp needs to be drained,” or Trump promised to bring more jobs is what many of you claimed to be gleeful about. And honestly, I’m trying desperately to understand your perspective although I’m perplexed that you thought a lifelong con-man, who not only vaguely described his plans, and vacillated with his opinions, but was transparently a shady character from the beginning, was suddenly going to be of sound mind.
For so many, including myself, the message that so many feel was communicated is this: we don’t care about Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, women, our LBGT brothers and sisters, the environment (which that frankly, scares the pants off of me more than anything else because it affects us all).
If you were wondering why I would be writing or even care about this when I live in Mexico and not the U.S. It is for these reasons: 1) I am a dual citizen of the U.S and Mexico and I have a great deal of family in the U.S. that suddenly feels polarized and alone in the very country they were born in 2) I have great empathy for people that are constantly oppressed, scapegoated, marginalized or discriminated against.
Because I have seen and lived these prejudices with my own eyes and in my own family 3) The “leader” we elected doesn’t even believe in the single-largest threat to humanity – global warming. And is already moving on with business as usual putting in fossil fuel executives and climate change skeptics. If you voted for Trump and even if you didn’t, please take the time to extend a loving hand or comment for people around you especially during a time when they most need it, many of us are grieving and we all grieve differently. There is a deep healing that needs to occur in all of us and I hope that the sadness I feel dissipates.
There are toxins all around us – the chemicals in our food, the petroleum in the air and in our water, in our cosmetics, just about everywhere, letting go of “toxic” emotions in a constructive way is necessary to restore balance and well-being.
So, if you need to vent, talk to someone, write… whatever you need to do, allow yourself the space to do it. My commitment more than ever is to champion for sustainability, compassion, health, and everything else that matters to me to help elevate the collective conscious to something harmonious. But I will say, I wish there was a smoothie to cure this nightmare.
Marcella is a bilingual certified wellness lifestyle coach. Her mission is guiding people to lead healthier lives with attention to compassion and sustainability in the world. She looks at the whole picture and helps you incorporate plant-strong nutrition, movement, and essential oils to support physical and emotional health. To receive health and wellness updates about natural, healthy living in Vallarta sign up for her newsletter at www.marcellacastellanos.com.