Welcome to the Community

Welcome to the Community

By Julie Mongeau


Energy is rising, the crowds are thickening and Puerto Vallarta is becoming a busy city.

This week I had my first visitor to Puerto Vallarta, and while five days is not enough time to discover all of its charms and attractions I was impressed by how much you can discover in your city when you are the tour guide. While relaxing on the beach was on Saturday’s menu, the rain led us to other activities. I wanted to share the Farmer’s Market with my friend but that was rained out too, so we headed off to Plaza Caracol to do some indoor shopping. Of course I got us lost on the bus which was a great excuse to show her the different colonials of Vallarta.

We headed out for diner and being that it is Festival Gourmet, the choices were abundant, after walking around all day and trying to decide between Café Des Artistes or Kaiser Maximilian, at that point we were so hungry that we simply ended up eating at a local taco stand, which was also on my list of things to do.

I wanted to show her the vibrant Malecon and to our surprise it was hosting the 8th Annual Vallartazo Vochero, where it seemed like hundreds caravan of vocheros and combis were light up showcasing their pimped-out rides. It was an impressive show.

Another busy weekend in Puerto Vallarta playing tour guide, but since this was a long weekend, I did get a chance to put my feet in the sand, dip in the ocean and enjoy a margarita with good friends. Salud!


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  1. I am a freelance writer who has an article on the recent months I have spent volunteering at Refugio Infantil Santa Esperanza, the local orphanage…. Can you please tell me if you accept unsolicited submissions for consideration, and if so to whom I might send my article…?

    Greatly appreaciated,

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