Welcome Home: The proven approach to furnishing a home in Riviera Nayarit

You have purchased your home in Mexico, and it suddenly hits you.  How are you going to furnish it?  You live hundreds of miles away.  You are not familiar with any of the stores in Mexico.  You don’t speak Spanish to converse well with salespeople.  Where do you even start?  No wonder new homeowners get knots in their stomachs!

The purpose of this column is to help make furnishing your home in Mexico easier.  I want to help you reduce stress.  Based on my personal experience over the past ten years owning a furniture store in Mexico, I hope to save you time, money and frustration.

“We just purchased a new condo and need to furnish it fully.  Where do we even start?”  This is by far, the most frequent question I am asked.  All totaled, the number of items you need to purchase to outfit your new home will be in the hundreds.  We are talking everything from bedroom and living room furniture to cutlery and brooms.  It is, undeniably, a daunting task.

To manage this scale of project, you must have a systematic plan.  When I meet with a new customer for the first time, I try to do so over a relaxing cup of coffee or tea.  The first thing I tell them to do is to take a deep breath and relax.  I know that their stress level has been increasing since they started thinking about furnishing their home.  Knowing they have someone who has experience and knowledge and can help them every step of the way immediately reduces their angst.

The next step is to hear all about their new home in Mexico.  I love to hear about their newest purchase and how they plan to use it.  This allows me to find out relevant information such as whether it will be primarily for their use or if they will be renting or both.  It also gives me some background into who will living or visiting the home such as children, grandchildren, and pets.  A good listening ear is required to pick up critical information that will help to create an inventory list as well as offer recommendations on the best materials from which

their furniture should be made.  For example, a home with grandchildren and pets or one that is going to be 

rented out should absolutely go with performance fabric for their sofa or sectional.  This revolutionary cover, which costs the same as regular covers, will not stain.  Any liquid will bead up on the surface and wipe off.     

Next, we talk about how the new homeowner wants to feel when they open the door and walk into their home.

For instance, do they want to feel the serenity of the sea or the vibrancy of Mexico?  I often ask customers to send me a concept picture of interiors they like, ones they have seen on the internet or in magazines.  This gives me an idea of their décor style so that I can show the customer the furniture that will achieve the look.

Are you furnishing a new home in Mexico and want to reduce your stress?  Email me at furniture@solutionsmexico.com.

Sheryl Novak
Sheryl Novak is an expat Canadian who has owned a home in Mexico for over ten years. She is the owner of SOLutions Mexico – the online furniture store for your home in Mexico and The Furniture Store by SOLutions Mexico, a brick and mortar show store in Bucerias. She is considered the expert on sourcing all styles of furniture for all sizes of budgets, in Mexico.