Warique: Vallarta’s New Obsession

The ultimate dining experience that marries arts and culture to bring you an authentic taste of Mexico and Latin America. Warique Restaurant brings an infusion of flavours to Vallarta’s food scene.

We would best describe Warique’s flavor as authentic home cooking away from home. This cozy and inviting restaurant is engaging to the eye, with rich colors and rustic accents that brighten the setting. Tables are neatly arranged throughout the two dining areas and an intimate outdoor patio, with an open kitchen visible in the back.

Executive chef Eduardo Aguilar describes Warique as, “a fusion of cuisines from various Latin countries, like Bolivia, Peru and Cuba.” But you can also find a European influence; especially their incredible in-house desserts – Warique Torte and Chilean Chocolate Cake – both extraordinary in their textures and flavors.

Unique to Vallarta, the menu includes a variety of appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts, in addition to Mexican wine, Peruvian Pisco and freshly made cocktails. All of the menu items are very reasonably priced, including the drinks.

An instant winner for us was the Pisco Sour, the signature cocktail, made from Peru’s clear grape brandy, lime, egg white, sugar syrup and cinnamon – sour and sweet, smooth but with an underlying raw bite. Truly, fantastic aperitif.

Our food started arriving and didn’t seem to stop, a happy parade of bold flavors and fresh, colorful presentations. You will enjoy everything, from the delightful chilled avocado and cucumber soup, crunchy Cuban potato balls and fresh red snapper ceviche to the Mexican arrachera steak topped with chimichurri and grilled pineapple.

The chilled avocado and cucumber soup is a new addiction. It’s a cool, frothy, light and refreshing mixture of avocados, fragrant cucumbers, zesty lime juice, cilantro, and as Warique’s Chef describes it: “a kiss of jalapeno”. It truly had our taste buds dancing!

Stuffed potato balls come perfectly crusted, paradoxically light for the carbohydrate payload, stuffed with fragrantly seasoned ground beef. No wonder they remain the talk of the town!

Their Peruvian ceviche, fleshy cuts of fresh red snapper marinated in tongue-tingling lime, garlic, cilantro, spices and crunchy red onions, is as fresh as can be. A perfect feast of textures and cooling flavors for a warm night’s dinner.

Another star of the night, marinated steak arracherra, which was beyond reproach, the skirt steak was excellent, cooked to perfection – medium rare, and insanely tender. It was complemented by a fruity and delicate salad and a perfectly grilled veggie medley.

We are not afraid to say it was the best piece of arracherra we have had thus far in Puerto Vallarta. We wrapped the night up with two absolutely decadent desserts. The flourless chocolate cake with a hint of cayenne pepper will seduce your palate, and the moist layered torte’s butter cream literally melted in our mouths.

Warique provides a perfect blend of sophisticated flavors in an inviting, comfortable, and genuinely authentic Latin setting. With so much to offer at such an affordable price, folks are sure to agree that it’s truly one of the top ten restaurants in the city.


Aquiles Serdán 280

Emiliano Zapata

Sun – Fri 5pm – 11pm