Wanderings on Olas Altas

By Poncho Davalos

I do in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has been honored to be named the most romantic place in Mexico according to About.Com in 2012, and I agree! With the magnificent views, lush jungle, internationally acclaimed dining and resorts, along with its inclusive atmosphere, Puerto Vallarta is great for the young and old, families and couples gay and straight. Recently discussing gay weddings in Puerto Vallarta with my friends, Blaire and Laura, both of whom are wedding planners here, we concluded Puerto Vallarta is the place to say “I do”. In Jalisco state same sex marriage is not yet legally recognized but you can have a beautiful spiritual ceremony and a really fun party.
Some great reasons to consider you wedding ceremony in Vallarta are:
It is cheaper here than at home:
According to the blog www.theknot.com the national average wedding expenditure ( excluding honeymoon ) is around $28,400 USD in the States and the average Canadian wedding is around $26,961 CAN according to www.theglobeandmail.com. In Puerto Vallarta the average is around $10,000 USD depending on the number of guests as well as other fluctuating costs. My recommendation is to set a budget, do your research, take your time and find someone that you feel comfortable working with. I personally believe that on the most important day of your life it is important to have someone who is going ensure perfection especially if you don’t know Puerto Vallarta very well.
Plenty of Options:
Vallarta has plenty of options to celebrate your wedding and as soon you have found your wedding planner, they can help you book a villa for you, or even better, you can share the cost with your friends and family. Your destination wedding is the perfect excuse for a quick getaway. Your guests will discover why Puerto Vallarta is a perennial favourite with families, gays, retirees… really everyone – they can enjoy the zip lines, they can snorkel in the Marietas, they can visit Los Arcos, Las Animas or Quimixto beaches. They can appreciate the botanical gardens or swim with the dolphins in their own habitat. If they have more time they can surf in Sayulita, visit the El Salado Estuary; take a day trip to Mascota or San Sebastian or even the historic town of Tequila, Jalisco which is just 3.5 hours away. And for added romance, choose one of the small boutique hotels just out of town for your honeymoon. Puerto Vallarta has excellent food and beverage options and many well regarded musicians and DJ’s. With the help of your wedding planner you can create a memorable experience for you guests and you in this tropical paradise. For more information feel free to e-mail me at Alfonso@tropicasa.com or follow me on twitter ADTropicasaPV
Poncho Davalos is a sales agent for Tropicasa Realty, he can help you to find your dream home contact him or visit www.tropicasa.com for more information.