Voices of Vallarta

…Track Four by Marcia Blondin


Contestants this week had to sing – surprise! – something Christmas-y and they did. All 15 of them, together and solo. The stage was bedecked with Christmas tree and presents and gaiety and spirits filled the audience and the atmosphere was giddy with happiness, pizza and martinis. A Merry Christmas, indeed.

Birthdays were celebrated by one contestant and two ladies in the audience were lucky enough to have Alain, esteemed judge, croon Happy B Day in French and even threw in some French kisses to boot. (Well…the both-cheeks kind.) Judge Carla, an outstanding chanteuse in her own right, had her students, the “ALAS” (“WINGS”), perform a couple of festive songs. Their exuberance on stage and off was catchy and joyous. My Christmas wish for all of them: NEVER lose that energy. Smile and belt out every word like you mean it! Bravo!

Back to the contestants: the most frequent comment from the judges was reminding the singers to choose their songs with more care. To be more in tune with what their voices are capable of and use that awareness in the future. Some with great range chose simple tunes that were engaging but perhaps too simple. Others went the opposite direction and chose extremely difficult music that they could not quite bring off. And, in my opinion some choices, Silent Night for one, does not need and should not ever be “Jazzed up”; it is not intended to dance to.

One contestant was eliminated and royally sent off engulfed by her fellow competitors and all of us in the audience cheered. She graciously a cappella’d herself off stage. Well done.

Track Five is Retro Week and will feature (with luck) the best songs of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Thirty years is a lot of ground to cover in a week. It will be so interesting to see what the 14 remaining contestants come up with.


Word is spreading about The Voice of Vallarta and the Act II stage is going to be SRO soon as the competition gets keener so get there early every Sunday evening, have a couple of drinks, chat with friends and enjoy one of Vallarta’s best, most entertaining shows in town. See you Sunday at 8. Be there. And, don’t forget to vote for your favorite VOICE on Facebook!

Marcia Blondin