Vitea – Oceanfront Bistro

I’ve mentioned before I generally avoid restaurants on the Malecon like yellow snow, but after getting more than a few reader recommendations I just had to see what all the fuss was about here. With Restaurant Week finally drawing to a close after several weeks,
I figured now was an ideal time to investigate.

The Vibes: Assistant Nicté and I arrived at Vitea with rare punctuality, hoping to enjoy the fresh sea breeze and one of those famous Vallarta sunsets even if the food was terrible–which, honestly, it is in a few local restaurants that we don’t have to talk about right now. Mama Freeman says if you don’t have anything nice to say…

Moving on, Vitea Oceanfront Bistro is an ideal place for people-watching, stationed on our promenade through paradise about a blocks’ walk south of the Los Arcos Ampitheatre. Groups and families ambled back and forth along the boardwalk as street performers and vendors of fine beach junk competed for their pesos…a fascinating environment for barstool sociologists such as myself.

The Vices: Being the excellent assistant she is, Nicté suggested that we each make different selections from the 3-course menu in order to sample the most possible wares. Being the oversized 3rd grader I am, I internally made it into a competition to see who had the better taste between us.

After some opening ceremonies involving a bread basket served alongside poblano pepper cheese sauce, Round 1 took place as an appetizer battle between her smoked porchetta slices with salad and my tomato soup with goat cheese toast points. Although my choice put up a valiant effort and goat cheese is an absolute good, there’s just no competing with tender cuts of seasoned pork for this adamant omnivore.

It wasn’t the first time I’d been on the wrong side of a 10-9 round, but the tide could really turn in my favor with a strong performance in the next frame. A red snapper filet atop crab raviolo took the field of culinary combat on my end, while my assistant elected to counter with chicken with shrimp in a truffle sauce.

Scoring this round proved even tougher–read those descriptions again, I mean, come on–but as any boxing fan can tell you, leaving the decision to the scorecard is never ideal. It would all come down to the third and final round.

Nicté gave it her best shot, yes she did…her neapolitan spumoni would have been more than enough to stop a match with most competitors.

Unfortunately for her, I am not most competitors.

Using a diner’s eye trained over many long nights in area eateries, I called on the peach cobbler with coconut ice cream…she never saw it coming. It was not only one of the most excellent desserts I’ve had during my time in the city, but one of the damn tastiest things to ever pass my lips. An instant knockout, thanks for playing, AJwinslol.

The Verdict: Until recently, Vitea Oceanfront Bistro was just another storefront along the Malecon to walk by on my way from here to there. Today, I would recommend stopping by for the peach cobbler alone, although based on what we tasted it’s really hard to go wrong. Simply said, Vitea boasts some of the most satisfying seaside selections in the city…it’s a perfect place for a food fight. Maybe I’ll catch you there.

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