Visit San Sebastián del Oeste

Charming tranquility
in the mountains
San Sebastian del Oeste, Jalisco
This magical town was officially recognized as a Pueblo Magico in 2012. Originally settled in 1605, this secluded 17th century mining town reached its peak of prosperity in the 1700s, when over 30,000 people inhabited the area. Over the years, the town’s population fluctuated wildly as gold and silver were mined intermittently between the 1600’s and the 1930’s.
A historic town with a rich past, this once booming mining town was the second city in Mexico to get electricity. Although those gold rush years are long gone and settlers have since moved on, this beautiful mountain village of just 600 residents has kept its true colonial heritage.
A shining example of an ancient Mexican village and well known for its corn and cattle trade, San Sebastian is now cultivating coffee and agave in its lush mountainsides. It was also home to Hollywood celebrities and today is a haven for Guadalajarans and Puerto Vallartans looking for tranquil nature and a respite from the summer heat.
The white and red buildings, cobblestone roads, stone bridges and stunning mountain vistas transport visitors to a time before iphones and flatscreen tv’s. But don’t worry, there is wifi in the town plaza and at most of the restaurants and hotels.
How to Get There
From Puerto Vallarta take Highway 70 north past the airport. Watch for signs but as long as you stay straight you can’t get lost. The trip takes about an hour and a half. It’s 60kms of often single lane highway that winds through the farmland of the Ameca Valley, through the jungles, to the sierras of pine and oak forests at about 1,500 meters above sea level.
The air can be a little thin but it’s humidity free which is a blessing in the summer heat.
It is noticably cooler than the oceanfront towns of Banderas Bay.

Leave behind your daily routine

If you are looking for a comfortable family friendly atmosphere, only one block from the Plaza de San Sebastián del Oeste, Hostal Cervantes is definitely the choice.
Run by the owners, the hotel offers its guests a comfortable spot where tranquility, cleanliness and efficient service help to make this one of the standout hotels in town.
For 7 years, Hostel Cervantes is the refuge of those who escape the bustle, heat and everyday life from Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and around the world.
It currently has twelve rooms with capacity for 35 people. Such is the demand, Hostal Cervantes will soon offer customers ten more rooms to enjoy, with rates of up to 600 pesos per room.
All the rooms have SkyTV, two of the rooms offer Jacuzzi tubs. There is also a Mexican restaurant and small bar on site. If you find yourself looking for a different kind of get-away, enjoy a pleasant stay in Hostal de Cervantes, located on Calle Lerdo de Tejada # 13, behind the City Hallin San Sebastian del Oeste.
For information and reservations, call (01 322) 29 73323 or via Facebook page: hostel cervantes and email,

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  1. Hi, do you know if there are vans that go from PV to San Sebastián del Oeste? I’m looking for an option to go there, since I don’t have a car. Thank you!

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