Virgin of Guadalupe festivities begin in Puerto Vallarta

By Alan Yamil Hinojosa
Tribuna de la Bahia

At five pm as the sun begins to set, the crowds come together along Juarez Street in downtown Puerto Vallarta each night starting December first until the twelfth. The colors, the food stalls, and the traditional parades change nightly. The reason? Traditional pilgrimages in thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe.
It is a nightly event that draws crowds of onlookers, out to enjoy the festivities, the traditional food and drink and meet up with friends under the colourful banners to celebrate the upcoming holidays. The first to parade down Juarez this year was the ISPAC College, but after them came the most traditional and established families of Puerto Vallarta.
The González, the Palacios, the Bernal, the Macedo, the Villaseñor, the families of Old Vallarta, the torchbearers of Talpita, the missionaries, were some of the first to bring offerings and give thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe.
Traditional music played in the street and pre-hispanic dancers entertained those who lined the streets to watch the spectacle, as others enjoyed the traditional foods of tamales and warm cups of vanilla atole, all coming together to experience something deeply Vallarta.


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