Vintage Spoon Jewelry and Sprouted Lentils

You are looking for something unique this Saturday, you’re sure to find it at the Old Town Farmers’ Market-Tianguis Cultural. Traditional shopping can’t quite compare to the variety of fresh, locally grown foods, handcrafted artisan products and exceptional services available at one of Vallarta’s favorite weekend stops.

Along with an impressive supply of “make it, bake it, grow it” goods, the Market will be featuring Shining Sprouts and Chantel~Vintage Spoon Jewelry this week. Fabiola Lopez, owner of Shining Sprouts, is happy to share her spread of homegrown sprouted lentils, homemade organic basil and olive oil dressing as well as Zancudoff, an all-natural mosquito repellent.

“I’ve always had a passion to go back to the origins of healthy food,” says Lopez who worked with a food scientist to learn the 3-day process of growing sprouts. They make a great topper to any salad, soup or sandwich, giving your body a boost of protein, iron and potassium. In fact, sprouted lentils are known to reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and obesity.

“The basil and olive oil dressing was serendipitous, really,” says Lopez. “My basil plant was overgrowing, and I thought it would make an amazing dressing. Before I knew it, customers were lined up to buy the basil and olive oil dressing as it enhances the flavor of any dish.”

Zancudoff repellent – a must-have during the summer months in Puerto Vallarta – is made with all-natural ingredients which are good for the skin.

Lopez explains, “My customers can’t wait to come back to the Market each week to tell me Zancudoff has traveled the world warding off bites from pesky mosquitos.”

While you’re checking out all the goodies at the Old Town Farmers’ Market, be sure to look for the pink and black table topped with jewelry made from silver cutlery. There, you’ll meet Chantel Mann, owner of Chantel~Vintage Spoon Jewelry.

“I started my jewelry line four years ago after receiving a spoon ring from my father,” says Mann. “All my friends wanted one, so I learned how to make them and started expanding the line.”

Mann works out of her home studio using tools fabricated by her father. From silver plated cutlery, she creates her signature rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, key chains and necklaces for clients of all ages. Chantel~Vintage Spoon Jewelry is a favorite Market stop for those looking for gifts, souvenirs and custom work. Many come to Mann when they want to refurbish heirloom silverware into something truly extraordinary.

“Because of the Old Town Farmers’ Market, I have an international business,” says Mann who is enjoying her fourth season as a Market Vendor. “Two of my customers – complete strangers – met up on a train in Toronto. Each was wearing a vintage spoon bracelet bought from me right here at the Market. It really is a small world!”

Check out all the “producer only” goods and services this Saturday at the Old Town Farmer’s Market–Tianguis Cultural. Located along Basilio Badillo between Olas Altas and Pino Suarez, the summer Market is open 9:30 am to 2 pm until the last Saturday in July.

By Erin Staley

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  1. I have seen the silver plated cutlery fashioned and crafted into rings, bracelets, earrings and so on at craft fairs and flea markets, but never of gold plated cutlery. There must be some reason, for all of our silver plate cutlery , serving trays , bowls and chalices, and charm bracelets, require annual polishing. Our 24K gold plated cutlery and gold charm bracelets, and so on , does not. The older silver plate covered copper, whereas today other metals are used. Our three sets of gold plated cutlery covers stainless steel , which is the material required for the knife portion of the cutlery.

    Is it the strength of the stainless steel cutlery that prevents its use? Or the weight of the stainless steel and the gold plate? I purchased a new 56 piece, 12 serving gold plated set in a wood and felt lined storage box with lid and a pull-out tray, for $65 at a Goodwill store. Allowing a small sum for the box, the average cost of the 56 piece set was only around $1 each. Should I consider making jewelry out of this investment and the other two gold plated cutlery sets for a profit higher than could made from my old silver plate cutlery?

  2. Just returned to the US from Puerto Vallarta. Visiting with Chantal and Chelow at the Thursday night Marina market was a joy. Many gifts purchased for gift giving. I have been a client and fan of Chantal ‘s jewelry for a couple of years and purchased my first bracelet and watch. Chantal and Chelow designed a new necklace for me and I just love it.
    While waiting for luggage back in the states, I made conversation with a woman returning home from a lengthy stay in Old Town. I noticed that she was wearing one of Chantal ‘s Bracelets. I showed showed her my newly designed ndcklace

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  4. With gold at some #1,000 per once and silver at some $20 per once, my collection of 22 & 24 K gold plated flatware now includes 6 sets of 8 and 4 place settings , Each in a separate wood or leather storage box. The last set of 50 pieces cost only 38 cents each , none magnetic, and made in china. Designs of the sets are in roses, and geometric shapes.

    I have to say that they are beautiful, especially when the light reflects off of them. Gold is a forever metal as it does not corrode or contain radioactive isotopes. It is a safe metal to use with food and drink. However they must be washed by hand after use.

    All gold ever mined is still here today.

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