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I find that my husband and I are pretty easy to please when it comes to weekend getaways. If I can shower without someone knocking to ask how much I really liked the toaster, that door can be made of canvas just as well as ornamented gold.  Happily, our seventh wedding anniversary was spent in a place much closer to Florence’s Duomo than the tent we camped in when I was six.

Cupocity has really upped our family’s game. Half price day passes, restaurant deals, and even hotel discounts, there are offers every day. Not only that, places come up that we would never have heard of otherwise, and this was the case when we began to plan our night away. So we can feel exactly like tourists on the weekend and still manage to make soccer practice at school on Monday. Win/sort of win.

Our kids like to be included in family outings nowadays and can’t imagine that our trip would be one iota of fun without them anyhow. We explained to our children in terms that they would understand by calling it a “sleepover for mommy and daddy”. My daughter pointed out that we got to have a sleepover every night anyway, so it still wasn’t fair. I then asked her if she had already finished her homework.

Villa Azalea Inn and Organic farm is family-owned and situated just past the Botanical Garden, on km 184, about ten minutes before El Tuito. I noticed a coupon for less than half the regular price for one night with three meals included.

It’s always wonderful to feel like you are so far from home on a quarter tank of gas. We stepped onto the lush, green property and into the cool of the little hotel and were immediately transported. It is sophisticated and cozy at the same time. Dulce Arguero is the owner and met us at the door to give us a mini tour and take us to our room.

Here are our favorite things about Villa Azalea…. We recommend you take a trip and start a list of your own!

1)      The property itself, what a unique little gem! We had a gorgeous view from our room of the river and the pool. Others had views of their beautiful gardens which include fruit trees and a variety of flowers. You could sit out in a beach chair in a little river oasis to enjoy lunch or just a bit of relaxation, hang out in a couples hammock, or choose one of two pools for a swim.

2)      The FOOD, my friends, the food! The coupon included three meals and each one was taken on the balcony with the same wonderful vista laid out in front of us. We were taken on a tour of the property by Dulce’s son. In the garden he had us choose our own lettuce, basil and tomatoes for our lunch salad. Dulce knows her way around a kitchen and uses only the freshest, most delicious ingredients. If you let her know ahead of time she is happy to accommodate special diets.


3)      The silence. The quiet. The tranquility. How many other ways could I say that? It was golden. We took a walk up the river and the ONLY thing we heard was the water and each other (and three neighborhood children who called “Hey gringaaaa!” But in the loveliest way.). We came back and chose a movie from the immense selection and hung out in our room. There may have been some dozing that happened. Hey man, romance looks different for everyone. You say wine and roses, we say all that PLUS George Clooney, Sandra Bullock and a warm comforter (it’s a bit cooler at night than Vallarta.  Pure heaven).

If you would like to know more and reserve your own chance at eating like royalty and napping like kittens, check out their website at




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  1. I just love articles that have a new word for nice things, and that I am not familiar with. Looking up the word cupocity , I took out my New World Dictionary of the American Language , second college edition , and by gosh, it was not there. Following the word cupid, and before cop of tea , was cupidity … which means strong desire , especially for wealth.; avarice ; greed.

    Which reminds me of the timeshare presentations everywhere in the city of Puerto Vallarta. Over our 36 years of vacationing in Puerto Vallarta, we have taken in many. Free lodging, dinners, jungle and boating trips, and last year an all inclusive five day and four nights at the timeshare resort for $380 US. . I will be back this year also on the same deal. Wow, six days of meals and beverages at great restaurants. This is much less than our prior maintenance fees.

    Plus a decade ago while bargaining with a store owner near the downtown Church over some Olmec jade tools with a high price tag, a time share man overheard our conversation with me in English and the Mexican shop owner speaking in Spanish?

    His offer was to purchase the six carved jade tools and offer then as the gift for taking a presentation at his resort. Yes !, greed was at work here. The next year I was able to purchase six more from the store owner at a much lower price. These tools were validated by the former curator of the Cale River Museum, as being from the Olmec .

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