Vibes & Vices: Monzon Brewing Co.

It is said by historians that beer was a significant factor in the development of civilization, when we Sapes realized it was a lot easier to make and enjoy the ageless social lubricant while living together in organized societies.

Since those pioneering visionaries first dared to dream of a more perfect world through brewing, beer has played a central role in unlocking the full potential of the human animal…for better or worse. For better, there is Monzon Brewing Co, the brick and mortar ambition of world-traveled brewing couple Reid and Miranda.

After meeting in the States and moving to Mumbai, India to write a new chapter together, they opened a craft brewery in the area and eventually decided to spread their eclectic brand of beermaking to the Mexican coast.

You know, that tired old story.

The Vibes: Located at Venustiano Carranza #239 in the heart of the city, Monzon Brewing is the obvious vision of folks dedicated to what they do. The main serving area is dominated by picnic-style booths of various sizes from “couple” to “community,” offering a breezy and casual setting for dining, discussion, and of course, plenty of drinking.

The timeless “we make beer here” aesthetic is a natural backdrop for the space, putting the heavy machinery involved with the creation of bread’s older brother on full display for your consideration. The massive tanks and metalwork are part of the industrial-style décor, making a statement of pride in profession.

After struggling through some early misfortunes such as construction that cut the establishment off from some of the most popularly patrolled streets in town in its infancy, Monzon Brewing Co is quickly gaining traction as a local fixture thanks to promotions like its’ brewers’ brunch, which gives day drinkers all the beer they can drink until 3pm on Sundays along with breakfast.

The people know their target market, that much is very clear.

The Vices: Monzon is home to a surprisingly inspired full-time menu of bites along with featured presentations like the regular pop-up burger night that I’ve been following local chef Sean around the city for since at least last year this time. Still, a brewery’s top billing must always be its’ beer, and this one does not disappoint.

From the smooth drinking and slightly sweet Sol a Sol (personally evaluated for its’ sun-to-sun drinkability) to the tasty yet formidable Maybe Manaña salted chocolate stout, Monzon Brewing Co. boasts a much more imaginative suite of selections than other local brew houses.

If you, like me, have found the charm of endless Pacifico fleeting, it’s more than worth a visit.

The founding couple also takes a focus on being good neighbors, which shows in initiatives like the Christmas toy drive, which invites patrons to bring in a new toy to light up the face of a local child this holiday season.

Miranda’s background in childhood education also gives her a keen understanding of practical psychology along with a soft spot for the younglings, which is why they reward all donations with a tall glass of gingerbread ale. Altruism is great and all, but you can’t drink it, amirite?

The Verdict: More than any other beverage, beer is a reminder of humanity’s time-honored tradition of enlightened self-interest. Left to our own devices, we’re little more than confused monkeys in fancy linens. Still, by working together and maximizing our unique talents, we can create something truly remarkable…like society, or alcohol.

With its welcoming atmosphere and carefully crafted draft list, Monzon Brewing Co. endeavors to cultivate a little of both, which is a proven way of making our world a better place. Maybe I’ll catch you there.


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