Valle Dorado Spay and Neuter Clinic

by Gretchen DeWitt

VALLE DORADO (“Golden Valley”) is located about 40 minutes south of centro Vallarta, just a few minutes northeast of Nuevo Vallarta in the state of Nayarit. It is a colonia filled mostly with one-story cement houses and has the most most pockmarked roads I´ve ever seen. Amanda Frederick Jimenez, a vet tech and her husband Fernando, a chef at Secrets resort, donated their home and also a couple of great meals. Amanda said that on the first day, someone who wanted to be sure of a space for his pets, rang her doorbell at 6 AM.

Every day was a turn-away day for pet owners even though the team was accepting more than 40 animals on the full surgery days. Since the response and need so great, the team returns next week for a Wednesday-Saturday clinic.
STERILIZATIONS AT VALLE DORADO CLINIC – SEPTEMBER 9-12: Female dogs: 65; Male dogs: 23; Female cats: 43; Male cats: 30 TOTAL: 161!!!!!
This is a record number for PEACEAnimals, and is the result of not only the great need in this colonia but also because we have a third vet, Dr. Jimena, on duty while Paulina Stettner is on leave of absence.
Amanda, who offered her home for the clinic, was able to help as a vet tech.



September 17-20 – Valle Dorado, Nay. Calle Valle Hermoso #81. Driving south towards Mezcales and immediately after the turn to Nuevo Vallarta, you will see a SAMs club on the left and an exit on the right.
Exit across from the SAMs directly in front of the Chedraui grocery store. Drive five blocks east following the bus route of calle Valle de Mexico, then go five blocks to Valle Río Grande and turn right. Drive two blocks south to calle Valle Hermoso. Clinic will be on the right hand side at the end of this street. IDAF gym/dance studio is directly in front of the house where the clinic is taking place.

September 24-27 – At the home of local animal advocate, Candace Shaw – Calle Mar Blanco #475. Cross street is Oceano Indico – close to the square where Mar de Cortes and Mar del Sur boarding are, and the park which is very close to the market and IMSS.

October 1-4 – colonia Pitillal – Casa de los Portales – home of Ron Harner and Clint Harris – Calle 327 Alameda – turn right five blocks after the plaza. Yellow walled house.

More October dates to be announced
November 5-8 – No PEACEAnimals clinic- Pets for Life (the vet team employed by PEACEAnimals) will be assisting the JARS/MexiCan clinic in Guayabitos, Nayarit.

Last two weeks of November – No PEACEAnimals clinics – Pets for Life will be working in Oaxaca.

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  1. Judge not … or be judged; this thought went through my mind as I read this article. Also the number of off leash dogs and feral cats in my San Francisco neighborhood. And the thought : PEACEANIMALS , and what religious belief does to the gender identity of its members.

    The law in San Francisco regarding cats and dogs is that they cannot be owned, but the owners are just custodians of their animals – and this also applies to children and their mothers, for as the “sons and daughters of man”, one cannot own one another, or apparently the wild and domesticated animals as pets.

    I am appalled that a pet owner/custodian will revere his pet, and cast off his children and wife. San Francisco is full of cast off women and children which the city of San Francisco must feed and provide lodging … while on the sidewalks of my shopping center, there are a stream , mostly of women, who walk expensive show type dogs to the animal salons for a shampoo and a fur trimming session.

    Am I missing something here?

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