Vallarta Can’t Be Encapsulated

Miguel González Guerra

Puerto Vallarta, Jal.- Architect Carlos Manzano Zepeda, a member of the Citizen Council of the Historic Center of Puerto Vallarta, stated the main objectives of his organization: to care for the conservation of the heart of the city, as well as new areas for improvement, pedestrian access, a commerce zone, and encouragement of the return of housing. He noted that the identity and character of the city face pressure from the rapid growth of its commercial areas.

He stressed: “It has not been lost, if it had been lost we would not be as we are with so many people who visit us, we must conserve it, which is not what we want it to be out of origin, that is evident, but that does not mean that it is bad.” He pointed out that each city has its special characteristics, Vallarta is not 100% serrano architectural style, but everything it implies in terms of occupancy and building control in the city center is considered functional.

On the issue of the trend of vertical growth in the city, already proliferating in the neighborhoods Emiliano Zapata, 5 de Diciembre, Versalles and Diaz Ordaz, with large towers and condominiums, he shared his opinion on the situation. He said vertical growth should be encouraged to prevent sprawling growth that has already occurred in parts of Puerto Vallarta. Such sprawl increases housing services costs, and he pointed to the costs of sewage, water, and electricity beyond Ixtapa as an example.

Therefore, he decided in favor of vertical growth, considering the concentration of these developments in urbanized areas allows for more controlled development, as long as it is well established, including the installation of adequate sewage infrastructure paid for by project investors.

As for the alteration of the traditional and typical image of Puerto Vallarta, he emphasized that it is a city in progress and cannot be encapsulated and not allowed to change, but rather changes need to be introduced with order and ideas, integrated planning, and vertical control.