Vallarta Adventures to the Rescue!

by David J. Rohde
FRIENDS OF PV ANIMALS formed last year to help stray and unwanted animals in Puerto Vallarta. It is a group of passionate volunteers dedicated to the homeless animal situation in our city. Many groups have come to the forefront of animal welfare here . A wonderful state-of-the-art sanctuary was built by SPCAPV, various feline shelters housing upwards of 200 unwanted cats are also in place, and a city shelter for stray animals exists known as ACOPIO.
The shelter is a “no kill” facility and has a wonderful caring staff who goes out of their way to give the animals confidence and, of course, a temporary home. The problem arises in that the staff is paid, but other incidentals and supplies must be appropriated by donations from concerned animal lovers. Recently a food shortage arose and a call for help was put out to Vallarta Adventures, Vallarta´s number one tour guides. They responded by delivering a truck load of food. They have helped in the past, but should not always be counted on to come through in a pinch. More support needs to be obtained from an informed public. Donations of $5 or $10 US a month from a number of concerned citizens and visitors is needed to sustain the great work currently in place.
Volunteers are also always welcomed to walk, bathe and help feed the animals at ACOPIO. Many find it a truly heartwarming experience. Please visit our Website’s ¨How to help¨ page for details on how to get involved, donate supplies or cash, adopt a pet or help at the shelter.
Your efforts will be deeply appreciated.


  1. Hi:
    Don’t know if you can help, but I am a Canadian tourist, I took a taxie to Bucerias on Saturday January 11, 2014 while vacationing in Riveria Nayarite from January 8-15, 2014.
    While in Bucerias I saw 3 dogs – 1 black dog, 1 brown dog and a little white and black dog who appeared to have given birth and whose nipples were hanging. They were roaming the streets looking for food and water. It broke my heart and I was not able to follow them. I left some food on the street where I returned to catch a taxie back to Riveria Nayarite.
    Is there any help out there for these poor abandoned/strary animals. I tried to google “humane socieity in Bucerias” but to no available.

    Can you direct me to where I might find some help for these dogs. I am back in Canada, and I would like to help in some way.

    I await your reply.

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