Us Two

My sister Patrice is back home with her five kitties just outside of Calgary, Alberta and our mutual dear friend Lil has returned to her husband in Vancouver, B.C. I love the imprints that visitors leave behind like the discoveries of new restos, bars and wonderful activities that I likely would not pursue had I not been pushed gently to do so. It’s a meaningful give and take to see Vallarta through different eyes and to be able to impart some knowledge of life here after close to three decades. We ate great salads and pasta at Serrano’s on one corner of Parque Lazaro Cardenas and an enormous seafood platter at Martini en Fuego across from Bravos.
After reading about “Us Two and The Band” in the Vallarta Tribune, the three of us headed to the Red Room at Act II for a musical tribute to Abba and Elton John. I learned a valuable lesson from my sister about entertainment: it can’t all be Led Zeppelin! A few years ago she really wanted to see a tribute to John Denver, also at Act II. I grudgingly went along (so not a fan) and came out of that premiere with two extremely talented friends—Renee Armand and Paul Aleman that I follow to this day.
Getting back to Abba and Elton John and the four-piece band along with Daniel’s guitar and his partner, singer Noemi on that small stage: amazing show. Both Noemi and Daniel have powerful voices and superb fashion savvy, capturing the flashy style of Elton John with their natural elegance. They are both beautiful to look at and to listen to; charming entertainers that had the audience dancing in their seats and singing along from the first exuberant song. I was reminded of the late Gabriel Reyes who delighted our Marsol Friday Market and Incanto’s piano bar with his tender voice and guitar. He sang ABBA’s “Chiquitita” for me every market day and every time I saw him in concert elsewhere; I was happy to be sitting up in the dark balcony with those memories.
Us Two: Daniel and Noemi, are asking for our help in putting together their upcoming shows at Act II and gave us a little Fleetwood Mac as a teaser. How about some Mama’s and Papa’s mixed with Crosby, Stills and Nash? Send them your ideas on Facebook.
Soprano Mary Porter brought her Southern charm to Marsol Friday Market looking for a few gifts for family and friends and to stock up on pickled beets and sauerkraut. Her recent show at Incanto was well-received and we shall see more of her in the upcoming season. After a few months of living in Vallarta she is still bubbling over with enthusiasm for places she discovers and loves, and is spreading that goodwill wherever she goes.
Friday night had Patrice, Lil and I dodging the rain to Captain Don’s by Casa Ley to hear Vallarta’s best rock band, Tequila Rush. (They play there every Friday.) The inclement weather kept the usually large crowd at home, which made front-row seats available for us! Tequila Rush is reprising their Led Zeppelin Tribute at Act II Stages, August 1 at 8 pm. Three guesses where I will be?
Happy Anniversary to Kimberly McDaniel whose cool shop “Eccentrico” celebrated two years in business and one year at their current location on Basilio Badillo last Saturday. Kimberley, Kim Wilson and I are working on opening an Artist’s Co-op in town. We were hoping to hear last week if our proposed locale had been approved; no, not yet. Keep your fingers crossed and email me at if you are interested in participating.
While most of our snowbirds have flown there are a lot of international tourists coming and going. The airport is swarming with people! Do at least one kind thing a day, pass on one tiny piece of joy to someone you don’t know and take care of one another. Hugs are still free and going strong at the Marsol Friday Market by the Pier. Get yours, From Here!

Marcia Blondin