Urgently seeking VOLUNTEERS for our FREE SPAY/NEUTER Clinics

Did you know the SPCA has been doing free Spay/Neuter clinics since March too?
This project was Janice Chatterton´s latest passion. She recognized that even with all the other free clinics that are already offered in town, there is still such a big need for more free sterilizations, especially in the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta.
So we have started a 2-day free clinic almost every week on Mondays and Tuesdays, every week in a different Colonia. Up to date we have been able to fix a total of 468 pets since we started in March.
But we need your help to be able to continue! We need volunteers for every clinic who can help us with the basic organization, like checking in and registering the owners and pets, also cleaning instruments, and monitoring the pets when they come out of surgery. You don´t have to have any experience, we can teach you everything right there, and it is not difficult. Time commitment: 8am -2pm.
Even if you can only help one day, please consider donating a morning of your time to help us prevent hundreds of unwanted puppies and kittens from being born. It is very important and gratifying work. If you are able to help, please email us to spcapv@gmail.com