Unifying Vallarta – Pride 2015

Vallarta Pride will take place from May 17th to 25th, 2015 under the theme of “Unity”. Vallarta Pride has joined together associations, companies and the LGBT community to organize an event that celebrates the lifestyle diversity of Puerto Vallarta in a 7-day festival. Offering arts and culture events, concerts, entertainment, films, fun, lots of partying and the fabulous Pride Parade on May 23th.
Believing one way to improve our world is if we are united as human beings, not only as a LGBT community, this year’s theme of Unity invites all people interested in Vallarta Pride to participate in the week long festivities.
For more information about Vallarta Pride, please visit www.vallartapride.com

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  1. There is a reason that the United States and other countries that accept Pride are loosing populations as countries that do not allow such practices are increasing. The United States does not have the birth rate to sustain its population, nor does Russia. The Muslim countries where men can have four wives are increasing their populations rapidly and are migrating to all the countries that have Pride in-order to replace their culture within the existing countries without war …. thus the religion of peace. Pride has other consequences relating to health and longevity. They are another culture that cannot sustain themselves. Both the U.S. and Mexico populations have a double whammy, while Russia has outlawed Pride.

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