Toys for Tots Getting into the Christmas Spirit

It’s never too early to turn one’s thoughts to the joys of Christmas gift-giving! Toys for Tots Vallarta is pleased to announce the 15th consecutive year of fund raising to purchase toys for local children on Three Kings Day, the traditional gift-giving day in Mexico. We’ve averaged more than 8,000 toys/year over the past 14 years, and certainly hope to reach at least this level in 2014.
There are two major fundraising events over the next month. First up is a charity golf scramble on Saturday, December 6. This will be followed by our always popular Gala Dinner Dance on Sunday, December 7. As in the past, the Golf Tournament will be held at the Vista Vallarta Golf Club, Weiskopf course, with a shotgun start at 11 am. The Dinner Dance will be in the ballroom of the Marriott CasaMagna Resort and Spa starting at 6:30 pm. Cost per person for the golf outing is 1300 ps. ($100 U.S.) and for the dinner dance 1000 ps. ($75 U.S.) There will be prizes galore at the golf tournament, and the dinner dance will be enhanced by a performance of the childrens’ mariachi band during cocktails and an auction of truly remarkable merchandise after dinner.
Tickets are available at the Marriott concierge desk, at the Vista Vallarta and Marina pro shops, Carol’s Boutique on Basilio Badilio #250 in the Romantic Zone (044 322 137 4902), Dorothy Piontkowski in the Marina (209 0064) or from just about any member of the Navy League.
Every peso raised will go to the purchase of toys at steep discounts from a distributor in Guadalajara. All expenses are covered by a totally volunteer effort, plus generous donations from a large number of sponsors, including Vista Vallarta Golf Club which opens its Weiskopf course to free play, the Marriott CasaMagna Resort which provides its facilities and gourmet dinner also without charge, and many other local businesses.
As a reward for your support, everyone is invited to participate in the distribution of toys when schools resume following the Christmas break.
This year it will be a day after Three Kings Day, on Wednesday, January 7. You will be linked with one of our many routes that fan out across the Bahia to find the neediest children in disadvantaged neighborhoods, mostly in Jardines de Ninos or Kindergartens. It’s truly a memorable day, with the kids’ smiles creating lasting impressions on those lucky enough to be involved.

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  1. Reading between the lines of this good will article regarding giving needy children toys for Christmas, it highlights the perspective of the homo sapiens species , just one of the billions of species that have ever existed, as being at the very top of the evolutionary race.

    That being said, I know of no other species that either needs, or gives charity to its own kind. I was brought up and schooled in the United States to be self sufficient (like all the other species on Earth) and if charity is needed, it belongs in the home.

    The United States was founded on self sufficiency, following a difficult revolutionary war against the Word’s Super power … Great Briton. Our new nation’s call to the people was “No work – No eat”. This call is now becoming a call from certain U.S. states regarding the growing welfare receivers that has engulfed some 50 percent of our population.

    Then there is Christmas and gift giving that is a practice of Christians. In America there is no national religion due to the separation of church and state, and so, many public schools and organizations have banned the word Christmas, and began calling it a religious holiday .

    In the some 36 years that I have vacationed in Mexico, I have been impressed on the very few beggars on the streets, and a government that has said to the visitors that come to Mexico, “Do not give to the beggars on the street since Government will give jobs to all that request them, and regarding the poor native women who bring their child with them to beg for food, the government provides for them”.

    As for the hard working merchants who work to support themselves and their families, many of whom I have had the pleasure of talking with each time I visit Puerto Vallarta, I take my business to them. Each year I spend many hundreds of dollars in their shops in return business, as I have been taught to reward good friendship, service and value.

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