Tortas and More

Have you ever tried a torta?  “Torta” means different things in different countries.  Cake, flatbread, even omelette. Here in Mexico it is a type of sandwich.  Although we’ve tried to soak up the local culture including food, through two and a half full time years living here, we only recently discovered tortas.

And, oh, what a discovery it has been.

We now visit our favourite shop three or four times a month for fresh tortas, made before our very eyes.

Abarrotes y Loncheria Magallanes is located just off Hwy 200, on Alfredo V. Bonfil (Centro).  The restaurant is directly across from the taxi stand. When I advised the Magallanes ladies in my broken Spanish that we’d like to do an article about their restaurant, they called over an English speaking taxi driver who kindly translated.

“The family has been cooking here for generations,” he said.  I noticed a couple of little boys playing in the back of the store area and realized there are three generations right here today!  The family has, in fact, been running their restaurant for the past forty years. And it’s not just prepared food they offer. In the rear of the restaurant, you’ll find grocery items such as fresh produce, salsas, cleaning supplies, sugar, pasta, toiletries and some other surprises.

I love watching as our sandwiches go on the grill, with all that melting, cheesy goodness.  Next comes pulled pork, ham and more cheese, the creation sizzling and smelling so tantalizing.  Then, fresh veggies like lettuce and tomatoes, purple onion and optional hot serrano peppers. This describes the Torta Cubana.  For the same forty pesos you might also try the Torta Mexicana with beans, Torta Hawaiiana with pineapple, or the Torta Especial, the grande one, which will not break the bank at just fifty pesos.

They also prepare fresh juice and Aguas Fresca, delivered in an enormous glass.  Our twenty-five year old son, Ryan, required two hands to pick up his jugo mango.

Although the menu offers a variety of choices, we have not yet sampled any other items.  I can tell you, though, we’ve watched as many different dishes are served up, either to eat-in or to go, and each one looks mouthwatering.

Don’t be afraid to go there if you don’t speak Spanish.  When the taxi driver and I were having a discussion, the ladies jumped in every few seconds to answer my English questions through him, or to correct his English answers.  It would seem they don’t have any more confidence in their ability to speak English than I have in my ability to speak Spanish, but you’ll make out just fine when you go! They’ll know exactly what you’re saying, smiling and nodding as they take your order.

Open 7:00am to 7:00pm, Monday to Friday and 7:00am to 4:00pm, weekends.