Top-Notch Entertainment and a Five-Star Dinner

Bambinos Trattoria takes Los Bambinos show to another level. During thirteen years producing shows in PV, Los Bambinos musical productions “wow” and enchant listeners. Their music has become synonymous with Puerto Vallarta’s friendly and warm community, literally transporting fans to another era, captured succinctly through their music. Now, food and drink allow an even more complete concert experience, as the flavors and colors of the exquisite meal bring the music alive for happy fans as they enjoy a five-star quality dinner.

The featured dish of the week:

Bambinos Trattoria Beef Carpaccio: Tender and carefully selected cuts, thin sliced and perfectly seasoned. This melt-in your mouth dish is perfectly seasoned balancing tart and salty, garnished with fresh parmesan cheese. Pairs perfectly a nice glass of Malbec-Shiraz from Mendoza, Argentina.

Los Bambinos concerts this week

  • The Beatles Monday night, 8pm keeps the good times rolling. As always, the brothers add their unique spin on the International rock selections, setting the well-loved songs into the Mexican musical landscape… for an exciting and upbeat show.
  • ELVIS on Wednesday night, 8pm Announcing special guest Jorge Acosta for the. Jorge’s vocal style and intonation is naturally Elvis-like, with tasteful accentuation by Los Bambinos vocal harmonies, the show is a WOW!   “It felt like I was really hearing Elvis Presley. Excellent!” -Commented Israel Gomez, a veteran musician here in PV.  Join the group for a touching and fun evening while you dine, drink, dance and relive this emblematic musical era.
  • Fiesta Latina Friday, 8pm lights up the stage! This is the show for an exquisite mix of rhythms and beautiful vocals. It is a show just as spicy as it is sweet. Each song sweeps you away to a Brazilian Carnival or a romantic evening in an Old Mexican town square. Don’t be surprised if you hear your favorite Mexican tune set in a foot-tapping Cuban rhythm! Let Los Bambinos awaken your senses with vibrant music, and inspiring four-part harmonies.

Take a break from the beach and come to Bambinos Trattoria for Happy Hour from 3-6pm! Mention this article for 20% off your food tab, for a limited time. **Only applies on seated meals**

Bambinos Trattoria is a great place to enjoy fresh Italian Food, prepared by a team of talented Chefs. Opening for full Monday through Saturday service on October 8th, Bambinos Trattoria is located at Aguacate #314, on the corner of Carranza street in Old Town Puerto Vallarta (just before Mundo de Azulejos on Carranza.) Information and tickets at  or call for a reservation (322) 222-4357, English spoken. See you for Dinner & Show!