Tile Workshops: Create art and support people too!

Ah, 2019. A fresh new year full of potential just waiting to be turned into action! If your New Year’s Resolutions include getting in touch with your “arty” side, consider a 3-day workshop with Natasha Moraga leading the way! You’ll have a chance to personalize your very own corner of the park, creating your very own masterpiece to be enjoyed for generations to come. No kidding! It’s loads of fun, it supports the Vallarta art community, and the whole park is protected from demolition. So the tiles you place today, will indeed be there tomorrow… we made sure of it! The next tile workshop Jan 15, 16, and 17, don’t miss it! Sign up at https://www.parqueazulejospv.com/product-page/workshops  

Even when we’re not doing a 3-day workshop event, we’re still working in the park on most days. So if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by, say hello and watch the team in action! We love to meet folks who are interested in our progress on the park, and to shake hands with fellow art lovers. The donation box is ever-present, located under the white tent, and even 10 or 20 pesos really does make a difference. 

One of the things your donations do, is put food on our tables. As you may know, the whole project is publicly funded and that includes our pay, so we humbly thank you for supporting us in our work. We are blessed to be able to answer our true calling in life, to make art, and your donations make that a reality. Thank you. Our weekly “Meet The Team” blog series will resume this week, so look out for more in-depth stories about each of our awesome team members. Every donation you make, benefits them directly. 

In the coming months we’ll be hosting events including a party in the park that will be free for everyone. You’ll have a chance to get up close and personal with the artwork, and mingle with the team as well as the people who are making it all possible, other folks just like you! Stay tuned for more on that, and other great events happening in 2019. 

Here at El Parque de los Azulejos, we’re so excited for what the new year brings! Thanks to each and every one of our supporters for coming along on the journey with us. Happy New Year!