Tile Park: Unique like a fingerprint

One of my favorite things about being in and around the ‘Tile Park’ throughout the year, is witnessing the incremental changes as they happen. Here… this bench was completed during the 2018/19 season and it was designed by a local hotel. Over there is a planter that was done by a private workshop group of friends, and every single column in the whole place has a different story… about friends and strangers, and now-friends who were strangers, before they got their hands dirty together.

There are carefully planned designs, and off-the-cuff designs. There are planters with each side obviously done by a different set of hands, unique like a fingerprint, in spite of a carefully planned layout. Uniformity of color scheme and subject matter taking a back seat to each person’s individual touch, their particular expression, it’s clear when it was a team effort. It’s clear, each person’s contribution.

Right now, individual aspects of the park are being completed on their own. This bench is done now, but neither on either side is. All the columns are completed, but no other part of the east end is done yet. This wall over here is almost covered, but it suddenly stops. None of the sponsor tiles are up yet. For now.

One day all of these individual pieces of the park will converge, the tiling will spread from the other side of this wall and eventually join up. It’s a process: for example, the unfinished benches on either side will be completed by a private workshop in the 2019/20 season, so they won’t be done by our crew. There is a method to all the madness, there is an exclusive place for everyone who wants it. It’s all coming together exactly as it should, as it’s meant to be. Like giving everyone a chance to talk.

There are already so many stories, so much significance and personal meaning to the pieces in the park, and it’s only going to get more rare and more beautiful. Sure, there are other mosaic parks in the world, but none is ours. None is so unique, like us. None depicts our story like this one does… and like it will… for years to come.