Tile Park: Labor that uplifts

Mexico is celebrating Labor Day is this week, so it’s the perfect time to say a hearty “thank you” to our whole crew. You’d be shocked at what goes into the making of a Tile Park! We have the core group, the “boots on the ground” doing the actual tiling: Choco, Rafa, Uriel, (special shout-out to Dany who has moved on to a new opportunity, love you girl), and of course Natasha is driving the whole thing.

Administratively we have Karina who is everyone’s support in some way… the people who keep the website going and the media flowing (why yes I did just give my own self a shout-out). The tile supplier, the folks handling the custom painting of the Celebration Tiles, and the volunteers.

There have been hundreds of volunteers, sponsors and donors. Thank you. Whether you’ve done a workshop, sponsored a tile or bench, or just dropped a 20 or two in the Tips for Tiles box, your contribution is needed and appreciated.

Speaking of labor, we’ve got someone new on the Parque team. Next time you’re nearby, stop in and say hello to Miguel! For the time being you’ll find him working with Choco on the custom concrete work, later we’ll have him with Rafa setting tile. We’ll see where he fits in best as time moves on, but for now we are just excited to have him on the team and looking forward to making some beautiful art together!

Time certainly does move on, and we’ve got only one more solid month of working in the park before summer takes over and we head for the shade. During the month of April we’ll be finishing a few more benches, so look out for some fun new designs before May is here! We need fun things to talk about over the summer you know.

Let’s talk about your bench or tile this summer too! Now and through the next few seasons we will be actively looking for folks who want to tell the story of their tile or bench, to be immortalized in a book when Parque Azulejos is complete. If you would like your story to be included, please message us on Facebook or send an email directly to Emily: emily.murray.copywriter@gmail.com

Thank you for everything you have been (and will be) to the success of the Tile Park project! Your contribution matters, your effort is appreciated.

“No work is insignificant. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.