Three Hens & A Rooster Market News

Christmas is in a month! If you’ll be flying away from Vallarta for the holidays, consider buying some small(ish), handmade and unique gifts at Three Hens. Our Market is alive with talented artists and you will find suitcase-sized, affordable and one-of-a-kind items.

Lisa Love is a master in so many artistic fields: she is a writer of two books, an expert painter on tile, she creates lovely wall hangings made of patchwork and she also has some antiques, many from her original home, Finland.

A newcomer to Vallarta and Three Hens is Lynn. She creates the most unusual scarves: she is a photographer (one of her many talents) and puts her best shots on silk to adorn your shoulders. They are truly lovely. She, too, is an author and is teaching writing classes to groups of women. Lynn is also a healer so do plan to spend some time talking with her!

Cotton cooling ties, herbal products to keep you vibrant and beautiful, embroidered clothes, handmade blue jean jackets, honey, sausages, aprons, shoes and handbags, paintings, parota wood furniture, great organic coffee, fried chicken and pastries straight from heaven!

Three Hens & A Rooster Market is open Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm at Venustiano Carranza 466 in Old Town Vallarta.

Choose your favourites!

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