Three Hens & A Rooster Market News

The excitement continued all last Saturday as more of our regulars looked for us and a host of new people that read about us in the Tribune and online, showed up at Aquiles Serdan 518 to browse, meet our vendors and leave laden with purchases. It was a blast!

Mark Hughes returned with his delicious pies and quiches and his wonderful British humour. We are so happy to have him and Peter Hardy, the Bagel King, back for the summertime. Peter’s cinnamon rolls sold like crazy, and the cheese bagels should be called “lunch”!

Head Hen Jeanine, sold out again. Not surprising; she’s an inspired cook and baker. Every week she creates new dishes precisely knowing what folks want to eat. Gloria Sue’s fried chicken is always a hit, and her various salads are fresh and packed to go to the beach.

Coffee flowed like water at the bar! You must try Ausel’s pure organically grown Chiapas coffee. The plantation has been in his family for generations, and the only place you can buy it is at Three Hens Market. It won’t be long until the world discovers ‘La Fortuna’ brand coffee, but until then they belong to us! Ground and whole bean available in medium, dark roast or espresso.

The jewelry at Three Hens runs from beach shells to outrageous Mixto earrings to fine silver and semi-precious stones. All of it is handmade and different; like Carol-lynn’s wall hangings and her super dolls.

Three Hens & A Rooster Market is open from 9 am to 1 pm at Aquiles Serdan 518 in Old Town Vallarta.