This is Paradise…

Greetings to all and welcome to the Saturday Co-op Market at the Paradise Community Center. Despite power failures and rainy, steamy weather our vendors continue to bring the public the finest food and drink, clothing and accessories, sandals, soaps, arts and crafts and photographs and so much more every week. We keep dry thanks to our huge palapa roof and cooled by our many overhead fans.
The Cantina is open serving icy cold beer (and other tastes) and the atmosphere is always friendly, eclectic and fun!
Come hungry, get fed, then shop for someone you love either in Puerto Vallarta or wherever it is you call home. Much of what you will find to buy is not available anywhere else in the world! Give a cherished gift made by hand in Mexico along with a piece of your heart.
Our delightful Italians Marcela, Walter and Andrea are always at Market eager to have you taste their fruity exotic liqueurs – handmade from old family recipes and delicious after any meal.
They recommend serving their liqueurs cold and always in the company of good friends.
If you are lucky enough to have access to a bathtub come by every Saturday and talk to Armando who has been making soap from natural sources for years.
As well as his herbal soaps Armando creates body exfoliants, essential oils for massage and/or aromatherapy, creams, lotions and deodorants and – here comes the tub part – bath salts. I don’t know how bath salts work but work they do instilling relaxation or invigoration depending on the type of minerals involved.
I highly recommend filling a tub with lots of hot water, add Armando’s great smelling salts, climb in with water up to your neck, close your eyes, soak and E N J O Y.
If you have any clothing donations ready for Pasitos de Luz or CompassioNet charities you can drop them off at Marcia’s table during Market hours 9 to 1 every Saturday or take them to Deja New consignment store on Jacarandas 280 Tuesday to Saturday 11 – 7 pm.
Until next week, saludos from Canada. Stay dry everyone!

By Marcia Blondin


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