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Welcome everyone to the Paradise Community Center’s Saturday Co-op Market via Drumheller, Alberta, Canada – the dinosaur capital of the world. While so many thousands of Albertans were recently inundated by flood waters, Drumheller remained relatively dry. What DID happen here with the torrential rains is rare and beautiful…Drum now looks like a lush fertile piece of Earth rather than a piece of the moon’s surface.

Thanks to the Co-op vendors who have sent me their enticing specials for this week. Don’t miss out and read on!

For hot summer days Barbara’s hand painted cotton tops will cool you off in style. She has reduced the price of her original designs to $250 pesos each! See her new leather and metal bracelets and neckbands for men and unique necklaces made with natural stones.

Mark’s Smoking Good Meats features corned beef and sauerkraut this week. His usual smoked and natural cheeses combine beautifully with smoked ham, bacon, breakfast sausage, beef sticks and crunchy dill pickles.

Torri by the Sea is giving away a 42” long, hand-dyed silk cord with the purchase of any of her lovely pendants. A sterling silver chain always accompanies Torri’s exquisitely organic pendants and this Saturday only you will get both!

From our returning Leek & Thistle Mark…a selection of his delicious quiches are just $100 pesos for three! Pair those with Mark’s frozen meat pies – six of them for the price of five. Excellent value.

Diva Jan of Jan’s Specialty Condiments has perfected her Rum/Raisin sauce to glaze meats and to add to protein milk shakes for a tasty treat.

“Xel”, Guillermo’s name for his extensive line of jewelry combines unique artisanal techniques with the colors of his beloved Mexico using stones, metals, leather, wood and other natural elements. His custom designs reflect tranquility and peace so his clients take home an original especially dedicated to them. Stop by and see Guillermo’s glorious delicately hand painted hearts!

Our extraordinary bagel maker, Peter, made me a pastrami sandwich on (his own) rye bread to eat on the plane last weekend. Everyone around me was subjected to the irresistibly spicy aromas and no, I did NOT share! Great coleslaw too, Peter, thank you. Get your own every Saturday to eat at the Community Center or take it home to enjoy later. Or fly somewhere and be the envy of all your fellow passengers!

The PCC charity CompassioNet needs your donations to help stock our coming-soon “Fashions for Charity” by Deja New. We especially need MENS clothes, please! You can either drop your donations at Marcia’s table during Market hours Saturday 9 to 1, or, Tuesday to Saturday 11 -7 at Deja New Consignment, Jacarandas 280.

Until next week, saludos from Canada, the Frozen North to be sure, Calgary was eight degrees, four days ago when I arrived!

By Marcia Blondin

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  1. Dear Marcia,

    Please do not sell Canada short: Canada is number one among nations in educated people, over 50 percent educated past the secondary level; and has the most lakes in the world. The first in educated people likely accounts for the two women Canadian newspaper Editors in Puerto Vallarta. The United States has the most people beyond bars. And no, Mexico is not the most dangerous country. Neither is Iraq – it is Afghanistan.

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