This is Paradise…

The rains are hovering and the days are rivaling those of Victoria, B.C. but Saturdays are dry as a bone at the Paradise Community Center´s Co-op Market.

Our huge palapa roof not only keeps the rain off our heads, it´s a super-size sunscreen with fans to keep you cool while you shop. We have a few new vendors to introduce you to: “Torri by Sea” – Torri – another found artist – specializes in sea glass that she finds and creates lovely pieces to wear using the finest silver.
Wanda from “John Henry Sausage” offers homemade unsalted butter, beef jerky, Mennonite sausages and much more.
Gabriel sells “La Querendona” raicilla from El Tuito. Stop by, have a taste and take your own handmade bottle filled with his excellent liquor.

Italian baguettes, paninis, filones and now pizza! available by the slice brought to you by Roberto.
Do you ever get frustrated shooing flies away from your fruit bowl or – heaven forbid – your drink? See Patty and Elba at Market who have  crocheted the answer – delicate but weighted covers for your bowls and favorite cocktails.

Fresh AND organic veggies, oils, yoghurt, peanut butter and more are available every week from Kystal Frost´s Organic Select.
Morgane´s handcrafts are lovingly made for gift giving – just as prized as her colorful jewelry.
Surprises every week from Miguel Angel – one week it´s delightful ceasar salad…the next? Come and find out!

Michelle weaves exquisite scarves from natural wood fibers. Days and days of labor are needed to make just one. Gorgeous and so soft!

Mavi´s salad dressings make lunch yummy!
Mark´s smoked meat menu continues to grow…new dips, too! Italian handmade licores from Marcela include chocolate, lemon,delish orange and strawberry.
Jewish Comfort Food Lives! Just see Mama Vallarta Ms. Gloria Sue.

Lisa Love, author of two books, painter of medieval style tiles has now branched into Pallazzo Wear airy clothing superbly sexy for Vallarta!
Homemade ice cream anyone? see Leticia and try to make up your mind what flavor to try!
Armando creates soaps to make you smell good, to exfoliate and generally make your skin sing.
Also check his body oils and natural mosquito repellants.
Jorge´s selection of silver jewelry is huge! His chunky turquoise rings are awesome!
The best in happy-bee-honeys are brought to you by Jaime and Jordi and also the finest, blackest happy-agave honey I have ever had.

By Marcia Blondin

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