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With summer right around the corner, many people and their businesses are slowing down to accommodate rising temperatures and humidity levels. Not so at the Paradise Community Center´s Saturday Co-op Market. I asked our coordinator Mary for a list of summer vendors so I would not miss anyone´s bio for this column. Much to my surprise, Mary´s list had only a handful of vendors unable to stay with us throughout this summer. With that in mind I started a list for Tribune readers to tack on their fridges to keep abreast of the current
Who´s Who and What They Sell at the Saturday Co-op Market.
Part One…in no particular order…
Abuelinda, our PCC kitchen angel, cooks up amazing food at amazing prices to keep our shoppers (and vendors!) happy and well fed.
Todd, Paradise Community Center Stage Manager now between gigs, can be found in our cantina serving up icy cold beers and margaritas every Co-op Market.
Pamela Thompson who snaps hundreds of photos every month to post on Facebook wears so many hats I can´t nail down her most important job at Market and in Vallarta!
Sid´s chili is indeed World Famous and justifiably so. Make sure to stock up on his magic take-home chili mixes.
You can find Polly serving up freshly brewed coffee with pastries at the Book and Bean – always open for our Market clients. Be sure to check out her huge selection of used books as well.
Veronica and Oscar offer a colorful array of textiles and men and women’s clothing they import from the state of Oaxaca.
Peter´s bagels and breads continue to cause lineups every Saturday!
Serena´s new crop of fine Italian silk scarves have finally arrived from Como.
New Prison Dolls from Puente Grande are keeping James busy selling these wonderful creations.
The Purr Project had two adorable kittens adopted last week by TJ and Helen. A note to everyone: there are hundreds of kitties at the shelter needing forever homes.
Phillip and Brenda make the prettiest and most unusual bird feeders I have ever seen. Buy one and make a hummingbird really happy!
Hungry? Alejandro promises to stuff you full with his huge barbequed burgers. Did we mention huge?
Barbara is madly trying to keep new hand dyed/hand painted tops available for her repeat clientele.
Enrique is shooting fabulous photos of the First Bougainvillea Festival happening now!
Bill has his new Summer Collection of tee shirts, aprons and cooling ties in stock!
Okay, that´s all the space we have for now. Look for Part Two next week and we will see you Saturday at the Paradise Community Center´s Co-op Market located across from Coco´s Kitchen in Zona Romantica.

By Marcia Blondin

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