This is Paradise…

Movies and movies and more movies. Almost every film nominated for this year’s Academy Award is being shown at the Paradise Community Center every night until our Gala Dinner/Awards night on March 2nd. Get dressed up for the Gala – buy some bling and come walk the red carpet, watch the Awards live on our (really) big screen and give back to the community all in one fell swoop.

Did you know that all net profits made at the Paradise Community Center are given to charity?
Every event, show, movie, every drink or bottle of beer or huge bowl of popcorn is feeding underprivileged kids and their moms hot meals in the neighborhoods surrounding Vallarta. 500 meals a week. It takes time and energy and fuel and lots of manpower which can all be had with one thing: money.
Pastor Ric always gives a warm welcome speech before any event at the PCC and now he has his Orange Money Vase into which you can add some bills if you appreciated a show – or a movie – or even your change from dinner. Every peso or dollar helps and if we all give a little…
If you are a runner, why not be a part of the Bugambilia Boogie taking place this coming May during our Second Annual Bugambilia Festival May 9, 10 and 11, 2014?
The race, will have its start at the Sheraton and end at Parque Lazaro Cardenas on Sunday, Mother’s Day, and is only one of many fun events happening during the Festival. For details, see me or Pastor Ric, or email me. We will need volunteers for this race and for a myriad of other events so get involved please and help us make Puerto Vallarta the Bougainvillea Capital of the World.
Every Colonia can request help in beautifying their particular corner of paradise from the Garden Club. Get in touch with me and I will pass emails along. And while we are on the subject of the Bugambilia Festival – our fundraiser/cocktail party at the uber fabulous Casa Chickie sold out a week ago!
We are sorry for those who tried to get tickets and could not but please look for future great parties brought to you by the Vallarta Garden Club.
Help a tourist figure out what bus to take, please. And smile at someone you don’t know. Until next time, ciao.
The Paradise Community Center Pulpito 127, between Olas Altas and Amapas Streets in the middle of Old Town Puerto Vallarta smack in the middle of the Romantic Zone that should now be known as The Theatre District to reflect The Paradise Stage, The Palm, Act II Stages, The Boutique Centre for the Performing Arts.

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