This is Paradise…

Except for the Saturday Co-op Farmer’s Market at 9 am and Church at 10:30 am, we have all had a bit of time off at the Paradise Community Center to regroup during this still brand-new year. I had plans to get a few things organized in this “spare time”; kind of my New Year’s Resolution. And, guess what? Yup, still up to my neck in chaos and am starting to like it.
Moving right along… the first full week of 2014 has the Film Series returning every Tuesday night at 7pm. Wednesday, Latcho and Andrea, the Blonde Gypsies come back to the Paradise Stage with their wildly fabulous sound starting at 8pm. Thursday, the 16th, is the debut of Luna Rumba at 8pm. Just the name of this Latin group makes me want to dance. Join us please in welcoming them to the Paradise Stage! Back to this week! The incredible Banderas Bay Jazz Allstars will sell out Friday the 10th so get your tickets at the PCC box office the second you read this and while you’re at it get tickets for Saturday night’s back-by-popular demand BEDAZZLED BROADWAY starring Sharon and David, Todd and Gaye, Kathy and… ELVIS! He’s new, he’s great, so: Be there!
I would like to take the rest of my space this week to publicly thank all of you who have literally given me so much. The decor in my new B & B reflects kindnesses in gifted fabrics and furniture and cool, much needed knick-knacks.
As our steadfast readers and Market-goers know – everything I make/sell is recycled somehow. For those of you who have taken the time to pack up jewelry pieces that your moms and aunties and grandmas wore happily while they were alive and thought of ME when deciding what to do with the left over bits and pieces, carefully packing them, making room in already heavy suitcases and gifting them to me to play with, is generosity I don’t even have words expansive enough or succinct enough to express my thanks.
Some women have brought me their favorite silk shirts worn and torn beyond repair or scarves – again – belonging to a mother no longer with us.
Or the woman who scolded her newly-retired husband for throwing his silk ties “in the garbage”. She retrieved them and brought them to me. So I could play. New fabrics and jewelry don’t affect me at all but making something that has been touched or given or worn with love…that moves me. For all the broken necklaces and the single earrings that finally got taken out of drawers and into my hands to be used again somehow, thank you. The hand/made bracelets and rings made from the simplest everyday things 60 years ago delighted their makers then and do the same for me now.
And there are those who have perfectly good things they simply don’t wear anymore and trade for something I have that they want.
What a great fun job I have! Thank you all for participating in my LIFE, my livelihood and my passion. A dear friend and brilliant sculptor, Jim Demetro, once encouraged me; no, URGED me to try sculpting. I said to him, “Jim, you take NOTHING and make SOMETHING; I take something and make it SOMETHING ELSE”. Until next time, this happy Found Artist gives thanks to all of you again. Remember to take care of our tourists and lend them a hand.
The Paradise Community Center, Pulpito 127, between Olas Altas and Amapas Streets in Old Town Puerto Vallarta across from Coco’s Kitchen.

Marcia Blondin