This is Paradise…

By Marcia Blondin

Time is flying. Seems like I turn around and it’s time to write another column for our new and improved Tribune. By the time this issue goes to press, the esteemed founder and curator of Vallarta’s magnificent Botanical Gardens, Robert Price (aka to me “Farmer Bob”), will have shared some words about the beautification of Vallarta. I plan on attending the Garden Club meeting Thursday and will have a full report for you next week.
In other Paradise Community Center news – it must be Saturday and time for the Co-op Farmer’s Market. Join us from 9 in the morning until 1 for the most enjoyable, leisurely shopping experience in town. Bring a bag for all your treasures. Speaking of which, Paco Ojeda, has added wonderful illustrated calendars for next year. They are divided into two groups: dogs and cats. They make terrific gifts (make sure your choice is appropriate) but most of all you NEED one! Or two. Or one of each, depending on your inclination.
So…are you hot? I mean, really hot? Like shirt sticking to you like glue with every step? Menopausal maybe? So hot the icy Coronas and gigantic Margaritas are just not cutting it? What would you do if I told you INSTANT relief could be had for under twenty bucks, is portable and goes anywhere in great style and lasts practically forever? The answer, dear sweaty people, is available at the Saturday Co-op Farmer’s Market. When you first walk in, look straight ahead and there nearly buried under tee shirts and aprons (two other stories there…) you will find Mr Bill. He and partner Alejandro are responsible for the trendiest, chicest COOLING TIES in all of Vallarta. Maybe even Mexico!
The two of them formed their company Fab Fabric Fellows (and they are!) four years ago and went through a great deal of trouble finding the magic essential ingredient -polymer crystals – that are not available in Mexico. With that major importation hurdle jumped, they went on to choose the fabrics that absolutely must be 100% cotton in order for the polymers to work properly.
Of course, no ordinary cotton would do so the fab fabrics are chosen and sent here from all over the world. In Mr Bill’s words, “When the tailor has sewn the ties leaving a small opening for the crystals, Alejandro joins him for a day carefully measuring the amount of crystals put in each tie…this is crucial…too few and the tie doesn’t inflate…too many and the tie explodes!” (I am so glad they got all those problems ironed out as they are right beside me at Market and really, who needs exploding ties?) So, the ties that have been perfectly stuffed with crystals get soaked in water and are ready for your neck or head or your dog’s neck and INSTANT relief from the heat is yours! If they warm up a bit, flip ‘em over and enjoy more hours of just chillin’. Instructions come with and the next time you hear someone complain about the heat, send them to see Bill and Alejandro, those two Fab Fabric Fellows, every Saturday at the Farmer’s Co-op Market. Always lots to see and do at the Market with new goodies every week. We look forward to seeing you there. Bring a tourist!

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  1. WOW, ties that can explode! Likely safer than the dry ice bombs that have been exploded at the San Francisco International Airport in California – The airport baggage employee, when caught , said it was just a joke. But exploding ties – who knows?

    And the cotton fabric – most of the cotton grown worldwide is harvested from GMO cotton plants. Best to purchase the old cotton fabric clothing from the used clothing shops, or take care of the pre GMO cotton clothing you have had for years.

    My experience in thirty plus years vacationing in PV was to drink lots of water during the heat of the day, stay in the shade, or in the Central shops during the middle of the day, and yes, eat a lot of ice cream .

    Do Mexicans still take siestas today?

    My wife Loretta had a plan for playing tennis on very hot days – she placed a small plastic sealable bag of ice under her tennis hat, which she wore with the tennis visor to block the sun from her eyes. Of course a tie might do for a man, but not a woman.

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