This is Paradise

By Marcia Blondin

We are more than half way through September which means we are less than a month away from the end of rainy season. Not that rain has ever interrupted the Saturday Co-op Market; we are blessed with the best location of any marketplace in the Bay of Banderas. We open at 9 am every Saturday of the year at the Paradise Community Center, across the street (Calle Pulpito) from Coco’s Kitchen.

Benita – our baby bootie/sandal girl – has been creating lovely faux suede handbags with extra wide straps that won’t bite into your shoulder. And they are big with an adjustable strap to help keep your balance when you are loaded down. They come in many colors, are soft and very sexy indeed. And big. I LOVE that!

Jorge, our silver maestro, has come up with a stunning sterling silver ring with matching earrings. And I mean “matching” – the ring is set with a sparkling garnet baguette that is an inch long! The pure silver earrings are exactly the same size and shape. The color of the stones is brilliantly red; far more clear ruby than traditional garnet red. All of Jorge’s designs are beautiful but this particular trio caught my eye. Check them out fast – at the price he is charging they won’t be around long.

Smokin’ Meats Mark is now making mini sandwiches – a super inexpensive way to try two or three of his meats and cheeses along with yummy condiments before you buy. Great “little bites” Mark!

There are new honeys (including Sage!) at the Market (yes, the bee kind…) and delicate crocheted earrings all light as feathers and come in many bright colors.

The Artisan Bakery has come out with a huge sourdough/garlic/cheese loaf. Buy one and call it LUNCH!

A couple of weeks ago a gentleman came into our Market and happened upon our Enrique’s photographs and watercolors and not only liked what he saw but had clients in his design business who would buy it! ALL of it! So a price was settled upon, business cards and cell phone numbers were exchanged and Enrique appeared at the man’s condo as requested on time the next day bringing with him his entire stock as it had appeared the day before at Market.
The man wasn’t there. He left minutes before the scheduled meeting according to the building’s concierge. Written messages, emails and phone calls were not responded to. At first all of us at Market were so happy at Enrique’s great fortune – it is in the center of every artist’s heart, soul and brain that someday, some one will come up and say “I will take EVERYTHING!”. The dream does come true – rarely – but it does come true. A week passed and as the dream slipped further away it left an artist – his name is Enrique – bereft.
Of course it is not the end of the world, it’s happened before and no doubt, it will happen again. Next time you are out shopping and are really happy just browsing and poking around, just say so. The “I’ll be back in five minutes”…”I have to go to the ATM, hold that for me would you?”…”I promise I’ll be back next week for sure”, etc., etc., are all ways to extricate yourself politely but really, unnecessary. Just say, “No thanks”.

See all of you on Saturday and do come hungry!

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  1. Business stories of lost deals, fame and fortune – are legend. One that I was told of many years ago at the Malecon by the spray can painter and artist Juan M. and brothers from Mexico City, involved a similar business deal, that ended in a somewhat different way. Many of the details I may not know.

    The story was that a man from Florida wanted to provide a show of Juan’s paintings. All of his works were purchased (or consigned ) for the show. The show never happened due to a hurricane just prior to the show opening.

    Another deal that got away. Usually when a deal sounds too good to be true … it is!
    With Juan, the deal was the one he had with the government for his space at the Malecon opposite the beach and facing the stage area for many years. When I talked to him last October, he said: “Frank, if I do not get to keep a space at the Malecon , I will not be here next year. I will have to go back to Canada.

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