This Christmas Blessings

To all my friends and family here in Mexico.

Count your blessings for you have many.

Christmas trees on the beach and presents under the umbrella shade.

Potluck dinners with newly made friends, overlooking the setting sun.

Whales breaching and parrots squawking, little red crabs scurrying through the jungle.

The rivers and waterfalls and mountain vistas.Those rains that wash it all away.

The food. Oh man, the food! Coco frios for all my friends.

The beadwork of the Huichol and the crooning of the Mariachi.

The bite of the tequila, the mescal… the raicilla?

The tradition of weavings, embroidered fabrics, pottery of all shapes and sizes, carvings of fantastic creatures painted a million colours.

Modern galleries owned by the richest man in the world in the almost largest city in the world and the roadside coppersmith with beautiful pots.

Fifty-six magical towns with history, culture and secrets ready to be revealed.

A valley of volcanoes scarcely changed from the last big blast.

Pyramids that rival those other more famous ones.High on mountaintops, on the edge of the oceans.

Gardens of abundance, flowers that blossom year-round. Pineapples, mangos, limes and the peanuts that grow in the ground.

Baby sea-lions that snorkel with you, schools of parrot-fish, silent, stately turtles and dolphins that keep you entertained.

Cathedrals in every town square, gatherings of children and families, any excuse for a festival.

Banda. No wait, I take that one back.

Dancing.Dancing like you mean it. Like your heart and soul grow through dance. Plus your unwavering belief that anyone can and should sing karaoke.

The language, the sing-song lilting that I struggle to learn. The new way of thinking, of speaking.


For all my friends and family up north.For you, I count my blessings.

Much of what I experience here is a result of there.

Your love, support, open hearts and open minds.

Girlfriends who make the time. Mothers who write butterfly columns. Sisters and brothers who visit when they can.Grandparents beaming with pride.


While you may be far you are always in my thoughts, on my facebook page and in my text messages.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.To 2014.





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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.

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