They will hold a Forum for the conservation of La Primavera Forest

– On November 19 and 20, the La Primavera Forest Knowledge and Conservation Forum will be held in virtual mode.
– Registration is through

This forum is held with the purpose of favoring spaces for discussion and analysis between the academy, citizens and the State Government.
The University of Guadalajara, in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Development (Semadet) and the Decentralized Public Organization (OPD) Bosque La Primavera; invites to this forum that has within its objectives to explore and analyze the necessary actions for an environmental management model with the harmonious participation between forest owners, civil organizations, federal, state and municipal institutions and research.
“The generation of scientific information that allows us managers of protected areas to make decisions based on scientific information, rigorous information; It is a fundamental element so that the management actions derived there in favor of the conservation of the area go with a very clear direction.
The Government of Jalisco recognizes the environmental biological importance it has for citizens; I want to highlight the importance of these forums so that we understand why the need to open these spaces for discussion and how this generated can be translated into more accurate and more strategic management actions, not only within the 30 thousand 500 hectares that are decreed under a federal decree but in the entire area of ​​influence that La Primavera has towards the entire protected polygon, ”said Marciano Valtierra, director of the OPD Bosque La Primavera.
In the forum there will be 6 work tables, there will be 20 speakers from 17 institutions and 2 keynote conferences. During this meeting, the state of knowledge of the La Primavera Forest will be addressed to identify the research needs; forest fires and environmental health; adaptation to climate change; citizen participation, as well as environmental management and territorial governance.
It should be noted that La Primavera Forest is a vital natural space that provides ecosystem services to those who inhabit the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG), so the conservation of this Protected Natural Area (ANP) is strategic to confront local phenomena and such as mitigation of climate change and the environmental viability of the city.