There really is no MAÑANA !!

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But how can you even say that, in Puerto Vallarta, in Mexico? Isn’t everything here put off till later, tomorrow, next week… or never? How many times have you experienced something of this nature? And how deeply does it bother you that you just previously had a whole detailed conversation, with nods, and yeses … Si Señor, Si Señora… That this really important thing will get done and even the confirmation statement that not just now, but seguro (for sure) for tomorrow. It is done so smoothly, so well, in so charming broken English, and with a smile, full eye contact and the hand shake, too.
Could it be that the real message is that moment is now… to enjoy what is right here, complete more of your life “ahorita” (right now – today). The “mañana” ruse (excuse) is to indicate we should sleep on it?
Life is what is before your eyes right now, that we should not usurp greater powers over us, maybe a cool nod to the greater one that we are not taking over the world (not just yet), that we might be ahead of schedule (god forbid), that we shouldn’t be so hasty to fix all the pot holes (oh, that’s a good one!)… Well, there is ONE activity here that is a real do-it-right-now kinda thing, and there is even hot talk about a special quick arrival lane at the airport for you prospects… getting interested? (… if we pull your leg enough you can walk straight across the hill sides of Vallarta without leaning!, so bear with us…)
Yes, it is the unique and exciting experience at being “lulled” into attending a “presentation” at one of our very nice resorts, assuredly better than anything you have experienced or even seen before- special stuff. Still interested?
How about with a huge gift? Or a big money promise is made to you? A special bet you can’t lose, so you’ll go through the door. They’ll even send a taxi for you. Of course you don’t have to buy anything, but you do agree to sit out the presentation, that’s all. Sounds simple, like getting your cake before dinner.
There is something about bringing all your credit cards, I think now almost everyone has an equal opportunity to get in. And it is surprising the number of senior citizens that buy 50 years’ worth of vacations.
Well, for those of you who don’t yet know about this, you are about to get your wallet charmed out of your pocket.
Everything you might doubt in life and even all that you are confident about will be stroked. Your own personality and comments will be turned into the sales pitch.
Everything you comment or even don’t will be worked into the sale. It is kind of like drinking beer and trying not to get drunk.
And what is the outcome? Well, it is a numbers game, as somehow statistics come into play; call it the Mexican tequila bell curve.
Any individual can resist and escape with their bottle of tequila and a rug (in the old days that’s all you got, plus the breakfast), but in any group, on almost any day, someone will have much less worrying about for their future vacations.
How about that? You now ”own” your vacations. And absolutely No Mañana business about the whole thing! You have been TIMED SHARED (OUT) today. But regardless keep smiling, and know that Time Share made Banderas Bay and the Nayarit coast a must return to place.
For many the reasons given not to buy might have become the reasons that you continue to return. How about that? Put that in your coconut and smoke it.

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  1. One of my timeshare contracts after 35 years has timed out. I was promised that as time went by, and the cost of the apartment would go up, my rate per year would stay low. Of course it did, except the weeks maintenance rates went up, and up, and up … and the cost of airfare and everything else went up also.

    However this year and next year the price at the Resort Hotel was much less for this year, since last year, I went to the timeshare breakfast presentation for a four nights and five days all exclusive certificate for only $385 US. This I received at the presentation this year for a same deal for next year, plus a free jungle trip to Eden .

    This is a lot less than I paid for a weeks maintenance fee for the large apartment with three bath rooms, two master bedrooms, kitchen and living room. I came alone and the poolside room without kitchen was fine for me. Perhaps I will take another breakfast presentation again next year. The maintenance fee must be paid by the first of the year , and the $385 when I check-in.

    Looking back, I could have saved some money by purchasing a default, but on the whole, I had the apartment I wanted , on the week I wanted. Would I have done it if I knew what I know now? Perhaps not, however I enjoyed every week I attended, and likely would not have gone back to PV all these years if I had not purchased the timeshare contract.

    Just wondering what I would have spent the money I would have saved by not purchasing the timeshare contract !? The memories were worth a whole lot more than the money.

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