The WHOLE world is going on strike!

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right,” said Martin Luther King Jr. On 20th September, if we have any conscience at all, it will be our time to take a position on the climate crisis and what to do about it.
It hasn’t happened in Puerto Vallarta before but, earlier this year, from the South Pacific to the edge of the Arctic Circle, students who got together by word of mouth and social media skipped class to protest what they see as the failures by their governments to take tough action against global warming.
In Canada, students blocked schools and headed to Parliament Hill with signs saying, “There are no jobs on a dead planet.” In India’s capital of New Delhi, schoolchildren protested inaction on climate change and demanded that authorities tackle rising air pollution levels in the country. Thousands marched in Warsaw and other Polish cities to demand a ban on burning coal, a significant source of carbon dioxide. Speakers at the U.S. Capitol in Washington stood behind a banner that said: “We don’t want to die.”
Protests in Madrid and more than 50 other Spanish cities drew thousands because that country is vulnerable to rising sea levels and rapid desertification.
The students now they hope that everyone else will join them in action on 20th September. Going on climate strike means people everywhere walking out of their homes, their offices, their farms, their factories. Everyone is needed to disrupt business as usual: from sports stars, actors, and teachers to food industry workers, psychologists, delivery drivers, and everything in between. We can all take part, whatever our circumstances, by refusing to accept the status quo.
Already people in 150 countries are organizing for the global climate strikes next week. Some will spend the day in protest against new pipelines and mines, or the banks that fund them; some will highlight the oil companies fuelling this crisis and the politicians that enable them.  Others will spend the day in action, raising awareness in their communities and pushing for solutions to the climate crisis. On a grossly unequal planet, not everyone will be able to take a day off or take part in the same way. But we can all take a stand and make our voices heard.
All-around Mexico rallies and strikes are being organized. In Mexico City, Guadalajara, San Miguel de Allende, Tulum, Zamora (Michoacan), in Parras de la Fuente (Coahuila) and in other cities, towns, and villages. Why not in Puerto Vallarta? (For help in organizing an event see )
On 20th September, millions of people across the world will unite to demand meaningful climate legislation. ( For full details see ) Up to now, youth have been striking alone, but the truth is we need everyone to stand up and say no, we will not stand by and let any more homes be destroyed. We will not let any more people be poisoned by toxic air. We will not let our planet die. Because we are on Earth to take care of life.
We can protect life on this planet. We know what the solutions are — we just have to implement them. The problem is that governments have chosen to listen to fossil fuel billionaires rather than protect their people. But we, by acting together, have the power to take our future back.
These Climate Strikes won’t solve the climate crisis. What this moment can do is demonstrate that people are no longer willing to continue with business as usual. The urgency of the climate crisis requires a new approach and a just response centered on human rights, equity, and justice.
Last year, in Sweden, Greta Thunberg’s lone protest caught the world’s attention and spread to millions of school children who are sounding the alarm.
She proved that one person can make a difference! Now it’s everyone’s turn to stand with young people and show world leaders that we, the people, are demanding climate justice. September’s climate strikes will kickstart a massive wave of action and renewed ambition all over the world. Our house is on fire – let’s act like it. On 20th September, #StrikeWithUs.

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John Warren
John Warren is in charge of Publicity for the International Friendship Club (IFC). His articles describe the programs and charities that IFC supports, the sources of income of IFC and the social experiences, lectures and classes that members can enjoy.
He splits his time between Puerto Vallarta and Lethbridge, Alberta. In the winter months he writes for the IFC, this summer he’s focusing his writing on the environment.